Be Hopeful When Things Are Bad And Humble When Things Are Good

In 523, Anicius Boethius at the peak of his power was unjustly accused of treason and sentenced to death.

While in prison, Boethius wrote his book “The Consolation of Philosophy,” where he talks about his situation and his philosophy towards it.

In the book he talks about how one night, while crying in his cell, he is reminded that fortune is fickle and that it comes and goes as it pleases.

He remembers this and he feels grateful for having had fortune for as long as he did, despite his current situation.

The stories of all the people who have reached the highest peaks in life but then fall are numerous, as well as all of the stories of those who were down and out in life and become successful.

If you look at the most wealthy individuals, you will see a lot of turnover amidst the world’s top billionaires.

Of the top 100 billionaires in 2001, only 37 of them remained on the list in 2013.

On the other end of the spectrum, David Karp, who was a high school drop out and homeless, built the social network site Tumblr and a few years later, sold it to Yahoo for $4 Billion.

History shows that many of the poor will one day become rich and that the rich will one day become poor.

So when times are tough, learn to be hopeful. As the old saying goes, “Every person will have their day.”

When times are good, learn to be humble because it’s very possible you may lose it one day.


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