Be A Curator Of Your Own Content

Creating work that is great starts when you decide to cut out stuff that’s only merely good.

Directors will cut good scenes in order to make a great movie.

Musicians will drop good tracks to make a great album.

Writers eliminate good pages and good lines to make a great book.

In the New York Times bestselling book “Rework,” Jason Fried, who is a founder of 37signals, says, “We cut this book in half between the next-to-last and final drafts. From 57,000 words to about 27,000 words. Trust us, it’s better for it.”

Creating great work requires you to say no to things. The things you decide to say no to, the stuff that you choose to leave out, is what truly matters. So constantly look for things to remove and simplify until you’re left with only the best stuff. Then do it again. Eventually all you’ll be left with is what’s the most important.



3 thoughts on “Be A Curator Of Your Own Content

  1. in the early years of painting a friend who was a wonderful painter asked to see my work. She came over and then asked where all the paintings that did not work out go? I told her I got rid of those. She asked how did I judge my improvements if I didn’t have anything to compare them too. So a painting in the wrong colors or size was a learning tool.
    So I learned they were not failures they were learning tools. I’m pretty sure all those songs and chapters were not discarded just put into a different folder for future resources.

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  2. Agreed. I’ve re-written my current novel 3/4 times now as a result of cutting out whole chapters. Sometimes editing and good writing means hitting the backspace button more than anything else… at least for a time.

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