Why Aren’t We Taught How To Be Financially Independent?

Like many people, I always wondered why schools never taught us about money.

If the reason we get a job is to make money, and the reason we go to school is to get a job then why weren’t we ever taught how to become financially independent?

If money is the end goal, why aren’t we given a financial education?

In the book “What Americans Really Want…Really,” Dr. Frank Luntz, who is a respected pollster and author, found that over 70% of full time – corporate employees are considering or have considered starting their own business.

In other words, many people today dream of becoming entrepreneurs, but few will take the leap of faith needed to actually do it.

The primary reason why most of these people will remain employees and not become entrepreneurs is because they lack the financial education needed to do so.

This is the problem with our education system. Instead of schools teaching kids how to become financially independent and how to be more entrepreneurial, kids are instead being taught to be employees.

This is why many parents and school teachers continue to tell their kids, “Go to school to GET a good high paying job.”

Few parents and teachers are telling their kids, “Go to school to learn to CREATE good high paying jobs.”

This is why 88% of people today are employees, while only 12% of people are entrepreneurs.

Without a financial education, the 70% of people who want to be entrepreneurs will lack the knowledge and skills needed to overcome their fear of making that transition.

Financial education is necessary in order to provide people the essential information to becoming entrepreneurs.


9 thoughts on “Why Aren’t We Taught How To Be Financially Independent?

  1. I’m an advocate for entrepreneurship, being an entrepreneur myself. However, economically we can’t all own businesses. Not only does someone have to be the employee, but most people need to be.

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    1. Well in the early 1900s, 90% of people were entrepreneurs, while only 10% were employees. Many of them were self employed businesses though that didn’t employ anyone. Today that stat is completely flipped, only 12% are entrepreneurs. Of that 30 million who are entrepreneurs, more than 20 million are sole proprietor one person businesses. I think it can be done. No everyone can employ other people though

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      1. That’s true, and I thought of that. However, by all becoming entrepreneurs and choosing clients and freelancing over work, entrepreneurs lose benefits and basically become contract workers. That means no healthcare, no pension, no nothing. This isn’t always an ideal situation or one most people can afford.

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  2. Very true, schools don’t teach us to be creative, to be innovative. They just teach us and teachers always use to say that, “if you don’t pay attention to your studies, how you’ll get a job?”

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      1. It’s not a coincidence, your all articles sounds interesting and if I have time I’d love to read them all but these two caught my attention because of the topic.

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