The Price Of Getting Someone’s Attention

The worst habit people learn from politicians and parents is to be overly certain of their opinions on subjects they know nothing much about. Because of this, people become convinced that what they think is right and as a result, become close minded to other people’s points of view.

This can make it difficult to market your ideas and products to people who don’t share the same beliefs as we do.

Once people get stuck in their beliefs, they don’t want to change them. They like it, they embrace it and they want it to be reinforced, not countered.

Speaking respectfully to a person’s view then is the price of entry of getting their attention.

If your message is framed in a way that conflicts with their view, your message will always be ignored.

This is because most people tend to only look at information that confirms what they already believe in, which is known as confirmation bias. They instantly dismiss anything that doesn’t fit into their belief system.

There’s a scientific reason behind why people take on this black and white, conviction mindset. The billionaire investor Charlie Munger calls it the “superpower” we use to resolve cognitive dissonance.

This is why targeting an audience who share the same beliefs as you do is so effective.

As a marketer of a company, a content creator such as a blogger or a writer, or a politician, you can no longer force people to pay attention to you.

Marketers are constantly wasting time and money because they are telling stories that are falling on deaf ears.

If you market to people who don’t share the same beliefs as you do, then they’re never going to want to listen to you, unless you tell your story in a way that opens them up to being convinced.

The ability to tell your story in a way that opens the door to people’s attention by figuring out how to present your idea in way that embraces the consumer’s beliefs, instead of fighting it is what’s really essential in marketing.

This doesn’t mean you should tell your audience only what they want to hear. Marketing isn’t just repeating what people already know. Instead, marketing is about telling a great story in a way that will spread to people who are open to being convinced of something new.







19 thoughts on “The Price Of Getting Someone’s Attention

  1. Only yesterday listening to Michael Hyatt on youtube – How he grew his blog. He basically said, we bloggers we are invited by the reader. If they like what we write about and they like/follow us it is their way of saying – I like what you are saying and give you permission to influence me. I quote the essence of what I remember of this youtube, It might not be 100% word for word

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    1. That’s what so great about permission marketing because readers like you said just invite us, it’s harder when readers disagree with us though. That’s great that you’re watching videos on blogging, I’ll have to check him out


  2. really good article you wrote. I hope people heed what was said. I’ve found if I only listen to those who think and speak like me I become very limited indeed and my world gets smaller and smaller. That was the old days.. I now know better so do better..

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    1. Every person has a unique worldview, which is a set of biases, values and beliefs, that is influenced by their parents, their schools, the places they lived and the experiences they’ve had and these worldviews become the lens that people use to see the world and what political issues they stand on. Many people’s preferences in presidents are long entrenched before they even know who may be the next president. I don’t think either side can be wrong, but depending on your worldview, the other side probably always seems wrong.

      the Philippines? that’s so crazy i can talk to someone there:) I live in California:)


    1. No it’s not that you’re Filipino, it’s that I can talk to someone who lives in the Philippines. I’m assuming you’re young then because 10 years ago, you couldn’t do this stuff, so it’s still kinda amazing to me that people from England, India an Canada read my stuff, it’s just cool

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  3. Hey Vincent you are very sorted in your thoughts! Very well written and profound. Maybe experience is teaching u. I tell u she is a great teacher. I like the way you co-relate things with science. Though i do it with bible..

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