The Negativity Bias: Learn To See The Good

One principle of biology is that bad is stronger than good.

Scientists call this “The Negativity Bias,” which refers to the notion that, even when of equal intensity, things of a more negative nature have a greater effect on one’s psychological state than things of an equivalent positive nature.

If you’re in a relationship or marriage, it takes at least six good constructive actions to make up for one bad action.

In competition, the pain of losing is often far greater than the joy of winning.

Bad news spreads faster than good news. This is why the news is 90% negative and only 10% positive.

Most people see too many things as bad and not enough as good. And it’s very difficult to see everything as good because our minds are wired to see the bad.

It takes effort to be optimistic, to be nice to others, and to see the good in things.

The negativity bias of our brain is very hard to overcome and if you’re not careful with this, it will greatly affect your happiness.


11 thoughts on “The Negativity Bias: Learn To See The Good

  1. As a parent of teenagers I have witnessed the rising popularity of capturing violent fistfights on video. The children in our schools crave violence that should make every parent sick to their stomachs. I have heard of arguments that start with he said, she said, that turned into planned brawls, so that all that witnessed the fights could be camera ready.

    I always questioned why negativity carried a greater effect. One of the conclusions that I believe does not help, is that our society, like you stated above, is inundated with negativity every single minute of the day. We take in negativity with all 5 senses, pure gluttony. We all need to put forth a great deal of effort to unplug and purge every so often. -W48

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    1. Yes it is. It’s natural to see the bad so you can’t beat yourself up for it, but everyone needs to overcome it eventually. the problem is that this bias is so strong that most people like I said will never overcome it. knowing it helps, but like you said, even when we do, we still fail

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  2. wow how true some points are like related to my life cause when i get hurt it hurts like hell i mean emotionally and its like you need physical pain to forget the emotional pain and yeah your right the bad is seen more its hard to replace the good done know for the bad done few minutes or hours ago you can not forget it ,it keeps telling you he or she did not do it before but know doing it

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