Find Your 15%

When it comes to being a mass market success, the goal is to not to do business with everyone you meet. The goal is to do business with those who believe what you believe.

I have no interest in convincing the 85% of people who don’t resonate with my ideas to agree with me.

I’m only interested in finding the 15% who have the same beliefs as I do.

This is how ideas and products become widespread.

At different points of time, we all lie within one of five groups: innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, and laggards.


The first 2.5% to adopt a new idea or buy a new product are called innovators.

Getting 1-2% of customers in a market is relatively easy because there are always innovators in a market who are willing to listen to and adopt new ideas and products.

The following 13.5% are the early adopters.

The next 34% are the early majority.

These are the people who aren’t risk takers. They let the innovators and early adopters go first so that they can feel more confident about adopting new ideas and products.

The next 34% are the late majority.

And the last 16% are called laggards.

Laggards are the people who still buy DVDs only because VHS tapes are hard to find.

To reach mass market success, you have to achieve a tipping point of 15-18% conversion.

Once you hit this tipping point, the early majority will begin to take on. This is where ideas and products become massively adopted.

This is why most individuals, start ups and business will fail because they aren’t able to convince the innovators and early adopters. Instead, they market themselves to the majority, but the majority are very good at ignoring everything, unless the innovators and early adopters are consuming it.

If you want to build a brand, you have to first attract those who need what you have to offer. If they like you, they’ll spread your message to the masses.

Don’t worry about the majority, just focus on finding your 15%.


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