Tell A Story

Failure to communicate your ideas to others is a fast road to failure. It means start ups won’t get funded, careers won’t soar and products and services won’t get sold.

Ideas, when effectively packaged and delivered, can change the world. Telling a story is how you deliver them.

Research done by Uri Hasson, a psychology professor at Princeton University, shows that when you tell a story, your brain and the brain of the person who is listening to you actually sync up with each other.

Hasson’s brain scans reveal that stories stimulate and engage the same parts of the brain in both the speaker and listener.

When the brain regions in charge of emotion lit up in the speaker’s brain, the same areas lit up in the brains of the people listening, meaning they were both experiencing a similar response to the story being told.

Hasson says, “By simply telling a story, you can plant ideas, thoughts, and emotions into the brains of the people listening.”

This research shows that if telling stories “couple” brains together, then telling stories is an important part of winning people over to your perspective.

In the book “Talk Like TED,” Carmine Gallo says,

“Many people will decide to disagree with you well before you even say a word to them. Telling a story can help break down the resistance of those who are unlikely to agree with your point of view.”

If ideas are the currency of the 21st century. Stories are how you exchange them.


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