If You Want To Be Persuasive, Build A Relationship With People

Being persuasive is not some innate talent that certain individuals possess that other individuals don’t.

You don’t have to be some elegant orator who knows how to use certain psychological techniques in order to persuade individuals to do something.

In order to be persuasive, you only have to care about the person you’re trying to connect with.

The reason politicians will lose races or why many businesses will fail to earn a profit is simply because they don’t invest time into building genuine relationships with the people who they are trying to connect with.

If you, as an individual or as a business, aren’t able to build relationships with people, then you will never be able to persuade them, whether it’s persuading them to buy your product, persuading them to vote for you, or persuading them to listen to your ideas.

Surveys show that only 14% of people actually trust advertisements. This is because there is no relationship being built through this form of marketing. This is why only 18% of TV campaigns actually generate a positive return on investment.

On the other hand, 90% of people said they trust recommendations when it comes from a personal friend, which shouldn’t be a surprise to most people.

It’s natural that people tend to buy from, vote for, and listen to individuals and companies that they trust.

Successful businesses, entrepreneurs, and writers all understand that persuasion is easy once you have built a relationship.


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