Who Would Miss You?

Brands are extremely valuable in the way that they have a lot of importance to our lives. Think about the following brands for example and the importance they have to people: Google, Apple, Jersey Mike’s, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Amazon.

If these brands all disappeared tomorrow, you would have millions of people feeling like they have a missing void in their lives. As a result, these brands would be missed.

Brands like this are so important to us that we can’t even imagine life without the existence of certain brands.

This begs the question about the marketing of your own personal brand: If you disappeared tomorrow, would people miss you?

I’m sure people would, but I don’t mean “miss you” as in would a lot of people come to your funeral. There are a lot of great people out there that that we would miss, but who don’t necessarily do great work in their fields.

I mean “miss you” as in would the company you work for miss you if you decided to quit or could they just easily replace you with somebody else? If you’re a writer and you don’t send out a blog post today, would anybody miss it or could they just get the same content from someone else?

Too many writers, employees and products out there are nearly identical to each other and they don’t really try to differentiate themselves.

This is okay if you donโ€™t want to be noticed and just want to fit in. The problem with just fitting in though is that you become easily replaceable. And in this system, no one particularly misses the one that is easily replaceable.

If you don’t have anyone that would miss you, then maybe itโ€™s time to think about doing something different.


20 thoughts on “Who Would Miss You?

    1. Glad you loved it:) If you want to test it out, don’t blog for a while, a week if you’re consistent. If people are asking “where are you?” “Why aren’t you blogging?” Then you’ll know you’re missed

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  1. This reminds me of the 7 habits of effective people by steven covey. That is , begin with the end in mind.

    I know my brand will be recalled at work, at my volunteer activities, and friends and family. Would my blog brand be missed , well seeing as i only started end of march and had a deliberate luke warm march and april and only stepped into gear in May. Will blog be missed potentially.

    I think everything is forgettable , it might be hot today but who knows tomorrow. Starbucks, costa, nero, many coffee shops… phone samsung , iphone. Blackberry ,was the thing but what happened ? Nokia, what happened .

    I think there is a time and place , and if you dont reinvent, keep up, or set trends, you get forgotten. In terms of blogging / writing … well i dont know , we remember Gandhi, Mother Teressa, Martin Luther King, Nelsom Mandela. Why do we remember their words – is it their action and words made them more rememberable???

    Great post got me thinking, am a bit undecided a bit on the fence if i totally agree … but great post got me thinking. Thanks

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    1. Always giving great comments Bella:) yes there’s a lot of variables to success like ability to change and stay relevant, but the idea of being missed is what makes you different from someone else? If you stopped blogging, would I be able to find someone similar to you or would I miss you and ask you to come back? It’s all about differentiating yourself, whether that’s real or perceived:)

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      1. yes, being missed – is about the difference you make to someone else. All human beings are unique and every one will be missed in some way. it might not be a starbucks style miss – but it will be a miss

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