How The Food Companies Hooked Us

The first thing to understand about sugar is that our bodies are hard wired to want it.

People love sugar. They crave sugar. And up to a certain point, the more sugar there is, the better.

This is what food companies call the “bliss point,” which is the precise amount of sugar – no more, no less – that makes food and drinks the most enjoyable.

This has led food companies to use more sugar as a go-to ingredient in their products.

As a result, we now on average consume 22 teaspoons of sugar, per person, every day, which has increasingly been tied to the obesity epidemic.

For the first time in history, there are now more overweight people in the world than there are malnourished people.

This is something that food companies have played a big role in.

In the New York Times Bestselling book “Salt Sugar Fat: How The Food Giants Hooked Us,” Michael Moss, a Pulitzer – prize winning author and investigative reporter, shows exactly how the food companies were able to seduce everyone in the world by manipulating our taste buds to crave their products.

Moss says,

“For all ingredients in food and drink, there is an optimum concentration at which the sensory pleasure is maximal. This optimum level is called the bliss point. The bliss point is a powerful phenomenon and dictates what we eat and drink more than we realize.”

As humans, we tend to pick products off the grocery store shelf based on how we think they will taste, not on the nutritional value of the food.

This is something that food companies understand and that they take advantage of.

Food companies know how to formulate their food products in such a way that they are able to make their food and drinks almost biologically impossible to resist.

The scientists of these food companies use this idea of “bliss point” to manipulate food chemistry and engineer their food with the goal to create the biggest crave in its consumers taste buds.

By doing this, companies like PepsiCo, Campbell Soup, and General Foods are able to sell a lot more of their products, but at the expense of the consumer’s health.

What deserves to happen to a country and parents who let food companies do this to their people and kids? Or do you think it’s the responsibility of individuals to know better?

Either way, this is something we should all know better by now


5 thoughts on “How The Food Companies Hooked Us

  1. HI Vincent, A topic close to my heart, one that makes my blood boil. Profit over health. I think we humans have been conditions over the years of convenience foods. Before, convenience food we had to cook from scratch. We/I still cook from scratch i rather enjoy it and it is quite relaxing and you know what you are eating. If we would all cook from scratch – wouldn’t that be great. Slowly or rather force-ably McDonald’s had to become healthy !? See, this is another one where laziness aka procrastination can make us make poor choices. High Salt = blood pressure, Fried food = clogged arteries, high sugar = stored fat, high triglycerides, high cholesterol, no exercise. Pressure on body = diabetes, heart conditions, the fatter we get the more embarrassed we get and then we don’t go to gym, Then he government has to operate and do gastric bypasses . The consumer has a choice. But, why doesn’t the government and food manufactures have any responsibility ? Why? Profit and taxes worth more than health. Then the health services cant cope. Then consumer blamed for everything. Of course there is an element of society that cant think for themselves and blindly follow and that is why the food manufacturer should hold responsibility. I know I know – no right no wrong. But, we humans have a choice, and ignorance is bliss, making wrong choices is normal, cause hey it is not my life for me – me to make wise choices – is it !! I know terrible sarcasm – but this topic – AHHHH . Profit is more important. Did you know if you put coke or pepsi down the toilet and leave it standing for 12 hour or longer – your toilet will be brand new !!! Then let me say – where is the nutritional value in smoking and drink… Profit profit profit.. Society cares for societies health – no profit more important . Okay I will stop here. Nice post Vincent. I am glad I didn’t blog on this one – I felt like it – but it makes me so mad on so many levels.

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      1. Oh how sweet Vincent. No problem, Life gets busy for all of us. I am having a crazy week too. Good luck with your PR daily opportunity – really nice to know blogging can lead somewhere.


    1. You’re completely right on the convenience foods idea. People just don’t want to make the time to cook from scratch even though it is definitely a better and healthier alternative.

      I completely agree with the idea that the food companies should be held responsible and not the people. Yes people have a choice to not eat unhealthy, but what the book i mentioned talks about is that it is not easy for people to just stop eating bad food. The way food companies engineer their food make it almost biologically impossible for most people to resist. It’s not fair to put the blame on the consumer when the food companies knew what they were doing to people.

      Yes i agree again, it doesn’t make sense that society places more importance on profit than health. Hopefully, food companies will become like the tobacco industry and be banned from advertising on tv eventually or change their formulas to be healthy alternatives.

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