Creating Great Work Is Not Enough

Very few businesses can grow and succeed today by simply creating a new kind of commodity that is great, made cheaply, and ensured to be of high quality.

The reason is because it is no longer difficult for any business to create stuff that is great.

What’s difficult for businesses to do however is deciding what’s worth creating and then figuring out how to tell a great story around that in order to differentiate themselves.

The reason most businesses are struggling to earn a profit is because they think their only responsibility is to create great products at a low cost. Because they only focus on what they create, they fail.

But creating stuff people want to buy just isn’t enough anymore. Instead, you have to learn to create relationships and tell stories centered around what you’ve created.

The businesses that will continue to be around in the future will be the businesses that realize that creating great products with a great story is more important and more profitable than just trying to create something that is just a little bit better than what everyone else is creating.

The businesses that succeed will be the businesses that figure this out.


19 thoughts on “Creating Great Work Is Not Enough

    1. I wanted to relate it to bloggers in this post because it applies to them too but didn’t. It’s just so easy now to create great daily posts that being “good enough” at creating great daily posts is no longer “good enough.” It’s the bloggers that can build relationships with their audience that will be the writers that succeed. This is why bloggers who aren’t as great as other bloggers have more people listening to them. it’s not the content, it’s the relationship. in the same way that in business, it’s not the product anymore, but the new way of marketing.

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      1. You know I will be honest with you.. I am generally like this.. believe me, I never thought of it to be a business tact.. I am an extremely emotional person and I feel related to people when I feel that they think alike.. and that’s how I tend to build relationships.. and I must say Vincent, you have the quality and an eye for a successful business person.. I am so glad to see young people like you to be so well informed and putting their time into better things in life.. Thanks a lot for your kind comments and loads of success your way my Dear…

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      2. That’s a really great quality to have naturally, most people have to develop a quality like that. Thank you for the compliment, I appreciate that a lot, really do:) It’s because i read a lot:) I wish you luck as well:)

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  1. Hi Vincent , another sollid piece. After reading the comments shared , I admit I didn’t quite take it on as a blogger. I knew there was a message there for us, but didnt get it from the post. Relationships are created by geniune comments and responses to comments . I look foroward to comments thats what makes it fun and interesting. Luckily you will always comment because you are so well read. My last two pieces have likes but likes but hardly any comments. . Sometimes from my own experience i find that i am following really interesting bloggers but i cant keep up with reading everything and commenting and are posting more than once a day my inbox is crazy. Great post always , i look forward to your post and comments . Thanks bella

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    1. I should’ve made it clear then and not centered it on businesses because it’s an important message for bloggers too.

      and I can understand that, I don’t always comment on posts either, whether it’s because of not having enough time or just don’t have anything to add so don’t worry if you can’t comment.

      for that very reason I think it’s a bad idea when bloggers post more than once a day. it’s too much for people to read all those posts and comment so it’s not providing value to the reader and in turn the writer doesn’t get any value from it in return. once a day is enough.

      thank you for the comment Bella:)

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      1. Yeap. I tried not to post regularily and spend time for commenting . It is a hard balance it all. My numbers are small so i can the impact immediately. I am trying be light with blogging . Thanks always for your advice.

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      2. up to a point it should be quantity over quality. if you’re a blogger, you should aim to write once a day whether it’s great or not. anything more than that is just too much for both the writer and reader. writing one great post a week isn’t enough to build a following unless you’re just doing it for fun then this doesn’t really matter.

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  2. That’s a great assessment. People are tired of being labelled merely consumers. They want something they can buy into (pun recognized 😉 ).

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  3. Vincent you r right you have to blog regularily as a blogger.. learnt my lesson from my may goals – i trashed that post btw.

    but i think on linkedin the audience is different you may be dont have daily but regularily as career professional … i thinl it would be different … i know i wouldnt be able to read.

    i am not sure if i consider my self as a writer…but i dont think i can do 7 days a week …believe me i am trying but sinking… i cant keep up with the comments on those who post x times a day…

    well at least i am learning an rectifying my approach constantly..

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