Treat Your Work Like You’re A Museum Curator

Creating work that is great requires you to treat your work as if it’s a museum.

In the New York Times bestselling book “Rework,” Jason Fried, who is a co-founder of 37signals, says,

“In order to create a great museum, you don’t just put all the art in the world into a single room. That’s a warehouse. What makes a museum great is the stuff that’s not on the walls. Someone says no. A curator is involved, making conscious decisions about what should stay and what should go. There’s an editing process. There’s a lot more stuff off the walls than on the walls. The best is a sub-sub-subset of all the possibilities.”

In the art world, gallery owners are admired for their ability to gather and present what is the best of the best collections of art. This is exactly how you should treat your work as well.


4 thoughts on “Treat Your Work Like You’re A Museum Curator

  1. Hi Vincent, I actually read this , this morning with the mind set of how to do I apply this to my blog. I haven’t been to many museum curator. But, I love this analogy of yours. I have been to the V& A, British Museum, Cairo Museum, one in Dubai and other places. I love watching The Librarian – Movie (so sad I am – lol). The curator love their pieces, tends to them, bring them out on display for a few months, put a few back and add a few more creating new themes for visitor to engage in and walk in the door. They keep switching it up and rethinking the old into a new display. They lend their pieces and even borrow pieces. Buy new pieces.

    So our blogs – well I am going to be a bit practical here, depending on the WordPress theme you choose, you may just get a bit stuck showing all your beautiful pieces in show case style on one landing page. Infact I was thinking of changing my theme two weeks back but – it meant a little too much reworking of old blog post. I digress, so with blog – variety is the piece of life, run new series, jazz up old ones and reblog a few oldie goldies. Note, you can only reblog an blog once (!!). Keep switching it up, collab, etc

    Nice analogue Vincent. but do forgive me I just get stuck looking at my blog and my theme is no way a museum – its just a rolling list. Actually the theme i wanted to go for that has too much work would have made my blog more of a museum…

    Nice piece, and I hope I am on the right path, or am i in Deep space nine.

    Cya Regards Bella

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