Whether You Know It Or Not, You’re A Marketer

Marketing is all about spreading ideas, and spreading ideas is the single most important ability any individual can have.

Some ideas that are terrible spread rapidly and have major impacts, while other ideas that are more important seem to not even get noticed at all.

Presidents are elected based on their ability to get others to believe in their agenda and spread their ideas.

Religions thrive or fade away because of the people’s ability to effectively spread their message.

People are educated, companies are built, jobs are gained and lost, all because of what we know and don’t know about spreading ideas.

What becomes popular and succeeds or fails and fades away is a result of the marketing choices that were made.

If you care at all about the future of your career, your business, or your non profit, then marketing matters.

If you’ve got an idea to spread, you are now a marketer.


11 thoughts on “Whether You Know It Or Not, You’re A Marketer

    1. this is why it’s important to understand how to effectively market our ideas. Because if you don’t know how market faith then someone who is trying to market fear, if he knows how to, will always win


  1. Hi Vincent, It is like my philosophy that I have yet to blog about – be your own coach (well I am kinda blogging about it here and there). So we need to be our marketer (I feel like saying musketeer – lol) for our blogs, product, brand whatever it is. The marketing, the curator , and relationship building and all your post this week. Hey, you are our blogging marketing coach – thank you so much. Man – I can be slow of the mark.

    Thanks so much for all your marketing advise this week. I wish there was a favorite button WP cause , then you can go back to stuff to re -read and there are a lot of your posts I want to re-read – cause my brain likes to take holidays a lot. Or may be I start writing notes.

    Thanks always Vincent – you are just brilliant and a font of knowledge and man you can read books and hold the information – I don’t think I have ever met some so sharp as you. You must have been a genius in your previous birth to be so spectacular now. I am just thankful our paths have crossed at least I can get learning new things.

    Have a good weekend
    regards bella

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