The Power Of Having A Mentor

The common denominator in every highly successful individual is the presence of a mentor who has helped them achieve their success.

As humans, we learn by example, and the successful are no exception to this. They too all had mentors who taught them and helped them along the way.

In the book “The One Thing,” Gary Keller, founder of the largest real estate company in the world, says,

“Everyone has one person who either means the most to them or was the first person to influence, train, or manage them.”

Remember that other people affect us, and they naturally rub off on us. Jim Rohn, entrepreneur and author, used to say, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” meaning if you hang around five wealthy individuals, you will become the sixth.

This is the benefit of having good role models in your life.

Sadly, most people don’t realize that you have to be spending at least a third of your time with people who are 10, 20 years ahead of you. These people are your mentors, people who have already achieved what it is that you want to achieve, and so they can then teach you.

When Walt Disney graduated high school, he wanted to be a newspaper cartoonist, but he couldn’t get a job. So, his brother Roy, who was a businessman, got him work at an art studio. This was where Walt learned animation and began creating cartoons. When Walt was starting out, he had Roy.

For Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, it was L. S. Robson, his father-in-law, who loaned him the $20,000 he needed to start his first retail business.

Albert Einstein had Max Talmud, his first mentor. Max had a meal every Thursday with Einstein for six years. It was Max who introduced 10 year old Einstein to math, science and philosophy.

Alexander the Great was mentored by Aristotle. Aristotle had Plato. And Plato had Socrates.

Oprah Winfrey credits her father for “saving her,” but professionally it was Jeffrey D. Jacobs.

The Beatles had George Martin, who has often been referred to as the “Fifth Beatle.”

Tom Hanks was mentored by Rawley Farnsworth.

Jay-Z had Lyor Cohen.

Even Gandhi had a mentor.

This is the power of having a mentor. Mentors are very hard to find though, either they simply don’t want to mentor you or they’re too busy, which is a shame because we all need good mentors in our lives. And unfortunately, some of the greatest mentors are no longer alive. Sam Walton, Sigmund Freud and Mother Theresa are no longer with us. But they still live on through their books.

The actual presence of a mentor is great, but you can still learn from the all time greats through books.

Do you want to be mentored by Warren Buffet on how to invest in the stock market? Go to Barnes and Noble and spend $20.

In life, no one ever succeeds alone. No one is self made. All successful people have had mentors who taught them and helped them along the way.


11 thoughts on “The Power Of Having A Mentor

  1. Hi Vincent, Oh this is beautiful. So true. I guess my mentor is 1) My Mum and Dad (dad is not here with us), 2) My brother -well in my early days, 3) what I read and learn at Brahma kumaris, 4) books. 5) a few new blogger friends. 6) I have two extremely good friends, started as work colleagues but now are true friends Not in any real order, all worth the same .

    To be a mentor you have to be so benevolent, magnanimous, no selfishness, giving, open, and have time.

    One has to be careful who you choose as a mentor, cause you might think this person is brilliant and take their advice and then later learn, this person ego is way to high, they aren’t quite on the same way length and they take you to a place that doesn’t suit you personality.

    I think a modern day mentor is a life coach ? or would you say that is different?

    But the mentor has to be 10 20 years ahead of you . It could easily be a younger person than you, some one who is gifted as they say.

    I totally loved this, great post, stands on it’s own two feet, nothing to really add.

    Oh i forgot you asked me about the course – The Raja Yoga Meditation Course, is free of charge, it is not a business. We student of the Brahma Kumaris learn how to share it and therefore we give it. I have never had the guts to do it all this time. But, thought I am not working I need to do something otherwise, all the variety of skills I have will be lost and I don’t want that. I like to grow. Oh man it is interesting , my student are amazing, we cover topics of the soul, the original qualities of the soul, why we have fallen and gained algae (anger, lust, greed, attachment, ego), we talk about Karma. – all rather deep stuff. Of which I share in my blog in a round about way.

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    1. very true, that’s why I love people who take the time to write books. you can’t make a living writing books so why do people do it? it’s because they understand the whole idea of giving value. like mentors, it’s a very unselfish thing to do to impart your knowledge on to other people.

      life coaches are mentors:) I hate it though when I see 20 something life coaches who haven’t started their life yet try to tell other people how to live their life. but there are 20 somethings who are 20 years ahead of us and younger at us who are worth listening to.

      books are my favorite way of learning from mentors though. I had one in life mentor who made $3,000 a day in his business, but we didn’t have the same wavelength as you said so it didn’t work out.

      it’s important to have mentors in all areas of our life. you mentoned your parents. my parents are my biggest mentors when it comes to the love aspect of my life.

      that’s really great! you’re doing the whole baby steps, getting over your fear and having a bias towards action that you wrote about:) you talk about topics? so it’s a course where you meditate and a philosophy course?

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      1. Yes agree…

        the course. We meditate and we do topics. The topics give an understanding and meditation is like healing , like burning away the algae so the true values of peace , purity of us shines thru.

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      2. Oh it is annoying a 20 year old young one – zero experience and thinks they know it all. ahhh.. if the 20 year old is head of me in knowledge prepared to listen, but I will always caveat with – no life experience. That why I always check with mum, she has the most clearest and sharp minds I know.

        good day

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  2. A great post Vincent. There is a saying “When the pupil is ready the teacher will appear”. I have had many great teachers cross my path – some for a moment and others for years. I always trust that I am on the right path….

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    1. thank you! I’m glad you agree:) they certainly will make a huge difference in our lives. the trick is to get the right mentors though. everyone has mentors like their parents or a neighbor who has helped them, but it’s important to go pass that in our own lives and get actual mentors of people who are living the life we want.


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