In The End, We Are Our Habits

On an average day, the average person has about 60,000 thoughts run through their mind.

95% of those thoughts were the same thoughts they had the day before.

In the book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari,” Robin S. Sharma says,

“This is the tyranny of impoverished thinking. Those people who think the same thoughts every day, most of them negative, have fallen into bad mental habits. Rather than focusing on how to improve their lives and thinking of ways to make things even better for themselves, they are captives of their pasts.”

This is what’s wrong with having bad habits because the way you think stems from your daily habits.

In his book “Happiness: The Mindful Way,” Ken Verni says the difference between a bad habit and a good habit is “reliving old emotions vs. having fresh emotions.”

Bad habits are staying focused on the past, while good habits aim on improving the future.

If you’re not working toward your goals or focusing on improving your life, it becomes very easy to get stuck in old patterns of thinking.

You and I both know which certain patterns of thinking don’t serve us well, yet they are so ingrained into us that we keep doing them, even though we know we shouldn’t.

It’s like the billionaire investor Warren Buffett says, “The chains of habit are too weak to be felt, until they’re too strong to be broken.”


23 thoughts on “In The End, We Are Our Habits

  1. Vincent, NOW I totally agree – was there any doubt I would not agree with this post. 210% agree – Loved this post. Nothing more to add. On point – with my world view.

    Thanks enjoyed, and nice quote from Robin’s book, – I will have to add to my book list, that I just don’t seem to be reading.

    Happy Sunday
    Regards Bella

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    1. haha, I knew you would like this Bella:) obviously you know I don’t write much about this kind of topic, but the book is great and I just thought the idea was really interesting. definitely read it, you would enjoy it a lot:)

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  2. changing one’s frame of mind is not always easy.. We learn certain skills from our parents and when they no longer serve us we have to give them up for something new.. I learned survival skills from my parents and had to give them up for living skills.. not easy but just part of my growth.. they would be proud of the changes in me.

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  3. very nice quote you used. habits are hard to change though I know it is for my own better that I need to really try. to change the actions, the thinking behind them must change. i realized how much I underestimated the impact of my thoughts and my power over the mindsets I adopt.

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  4. So true. Gandhi says we are a product of our thoughts. If we think positive, we become positive. If we think negative, we become negative. If a person is constantly thinking about how to improve themselves, they will begin to take steps, small or large, to make those improvements.

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