Don’t Set Your Goals Too Low, Or Too High

In both life and business, you can never plan for guaranteed success. Luck does play a factor in who becomes successful and who doesn’t. But being persistent can definitely increase your odds.

Staying motivated enough to persist toward your dreams therefore becomes a huge factor in whether or not you become a success.

This means the goals you set for yourself become an important part of your ability to stay motivated.

David McClelland, a Harvard psychologist, studies achievement motivation and he discovered that the people who ended up achieving the most in life tended to set moderately challenging goals for themselves, meaning they set goals that weren’t too high or too low.

In the book “The Winner Effect: The Neuroscience of Success and Failure,” neuroscientist Ian Robertson says,

“People who achieve the most tended to be those who, like Goldilocks, didn’t like their porridge either too hot or too cold.”

They set goals that were challenging, but attainable.

Underachievement in life will always be the result of setting your goals too low, but underachievement could also be the result of setting your goals too high.

If you only focus on your distant, enormous dream, then you will devalue your everyday small achievements and constantly feel disappointed.

Therefore, setting your goals too high will have similar disabling effects on your success in the same way as setting your goals too low will inevitably lead to low results.

Working toward your dreams then means being able to enjoy the satisfaction of achieving your short term day to day goals that lead you towards your long term vision.

When chasing your dreams, learn to celebrate the small victories of achieving your daily goals.


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