Find Your 1,000 ‘True’ Fans

In the age of television and radio, it was all about push marketing. If you had a product or an idea you wanted to share with the world then you had to take that product or idea and push it onto as many people as you could through commercial and radio advertising.

Instead of pull marketing, which is trying to build relationships with those who need what you have to offer, it was push marketing, which is always trying to convince and persuade every last individual you meet that you’re better than your competitor.

Thanks to the invention of the internet, social media outlets and other new technology around the world, individuals and entrepreneurs of all sorts are now starting to pop up everywhere as a result of pull marketing. In every corner of the internet is now a tribe, created by individuals who are earning a good living as a result of building relationships with a small group of people.

And what these people are showing us is that you don’t need everyone to like your idea or to buy your product to be successful. You don’t need “10% market share” to earn a great living.

Instead, what Seth Godin has taught us in his book “Tribes” is that “An individual artist only needs a thousand true fans in their tribe. It’s enough.”

What Godin essentially argues is that in order to be successful, you don’t need a huge audience. You just need 1,000 true fans who are willing to pay you for what you have to offer.

Some people will immediately understand this while other people will get confused by the definition of what a ‘true’ fan is.

Having 1,000 people following you is not the same as having 1,000 true fans. True fans are people who will read every single one of your writings that you post and comment on it, people who will buy any book that you write, or people who will drive two hours just to see you perform live in concert.

This means that if you’re a writer, a musician, or an entrepreneur, then the content you create, the music you produce, and the product you sell doesn’t have to be a mass thing in order for you to make a living doing something you love.

Instead, all you need is a group of people who care about you, want to listen to you, and who want to buy exactly what it is you’re providing.

Thanks to new tools at our disposal, any individual can now cultivate a group of true fans and make a living doing something that they love.


20 thoughts on “Find Your 1,000 ‘True’ Fans

  1. I again agree with most parts of the post but I have a simple concern. Does being a true fan mean that he/she will buy everything the author writes ( if a book was the product we were talking about) irrespective of whether it’s good or bad? And if you were the author would you want true fans like that?

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    1. Let’s relate it to blogging. So true fans are people who will read all of your posts and either like or comment on them. True fans are not people who agree with everything you say and only comment “nice post”. You do want people to disagree with you and to question your article, but even when they disagree they will still read your writings. Those are true fans. If you want to make a living doing something you love, then you have to find those 1,000 true fans

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      1. Vincent so true. I read somewhere you dont need a huge following just a few 100 to make a living. I think this post is spot on and all your responses and comments are too. I have really noticed the difference when i look at my figures metrics. In May i looked daily and now a do it weekly. The figures say a lot. I have noticed that if one comments and likes then it is reciprocated. But there some who always like and always read and comment. Or just like… sometimes the post only warrants a like becauses there is nothing to add. But when you look ar the average time spent by a reader that tell you a lot too.

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      2. Ah if you mean one who will truly visit your blog each time you write something but that wouldn’t mean accepting everything you say as correct, I agree with you 🙂
        I enjoyed reading the post and debating on this! Thanks 🙂

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  2. Hi Vincent, I totally agree with this. There is a difference in have followers and true followers. A true follower , true fan would support almost anything and read almost everything. I am finding that quite evident in blogging and social media related to blogging. Have a huge following is meaningless if there is no sincerity in the following.

    Great post
    Good weekend Bella

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    1. Yes there is. I’ve seen people on WordPress with 2,000+ followers, but their post only get 2 likes on average. Numbers don’t matter, influence does. I Always love your comments Bella, sorry I haven’t been visiting your blog lately, but I will always catch up and read all of your posts. I’m a true fan;)

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      1. I know Vincent you are a true fan as i said you where my 4 th follower and followed me before I followed you.

        i have noticed such a difference in following, likes, comments . I get a bit down with no comments. Just because i have observed quite a lot with my daily checking in May. I check figurescofgucially once a week and note then now. I check every day for a rough idea but donr note them.

        i concluded everyone blohging is struggling for time, but you can tell who are true fans… even from a like.

        great post. Hurry up and comment on mine i miss your comments…. lol

        take care i know you are busy. I might get a bit busy ..not sure if i will beable to blog so freqently , read, or comment.

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    1. I agree too and sometimes I think views is the most important metric to measure success, but I’m a huge believer that the metric bloggers should be most interested in is comments. Comments are a representation of how strong the level of communication of your followers is. Views may go up and down but as long as comments are steadily increasing then you know the number of true fans is increasing

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      1. That’s very true. I’ve had posts before where I have had more likes than views meaning some people didn’t even bother to read my post. Those people bring no value. Comments are always an indicator of true depth

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  3. i have enjoyed your post and beame one of you follows thry Roberta Pimental she reblogged you and here i am. blessings oh I love short and sweet post too much looses me. i thought it was from my strokes (cognitve but ) i guess it is not and this is making me very happy to others want to shorter post too. blessings 🙂

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  4. i would like to reblog this post because i live it and i am blogging my memoir and to help me and other blog is helping me write about my life does that make sense. I know i get mixed things write how u (I) never mind others , yes but i need reblog tohelp me help them it is a win win situation. right ? or did my aphasia get in the way. blessings !

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