Find Your First Five

When it comes to becoming a successful author, writer, or blogger, the process of actually sitting down and writing is not the hardest part.

The hard part of becoming a successful writer is figuring out how is it, with more than a million books published every year, and over 2 million new blog posts published every day, do you make yourself stand out in a way that lets people know that they should buy your book or read your blog post?

Well, the answer is not to write a book or a blog post, and just put it out into the world and hope people will notice you. Doing this consistently fails to work.

In order to build an audience, you can no longer market to the masses. Instead, you have to first find 5 people who trust you, respect you, and want to listen to you.

And once you have earned the trust of 5 people, you then have to earn the trust of 10 people.

And then 20 people. Then 100 people. Then 1,000 people.

And once you have built these relationships with people who trust and support you, then when you finally do tell them you wrote a book, they’ll all go out and buy it on the same day.

Without that trust however, you’ll always be just another writer trying to break through the noise trying to make a name for yourself.

This is the new rule of marketing and it all starts with finding your first 5.


6 thoughts on “Find Your First Five

  1. I truly like the simplicity and the straight to the point writing that you have. This post didn’t fail. At first, I read this post title as “Find your First Love” (effects of brain without coffee). As I read, I of course was confused how the title linked, but figured it out in the end.
    I like the idea of the first five, those you trust (could go well with those you love, maybe?). I also think that at least one of those first five should be someone who is going to give you constructive criticism, to actually help you improve your writing. Because, for me, my immediate family takes up most of my first five, but since they are my family, they think everything I write is GREAT. Their comments are meant to encourage me and make me feel good, when I really want them to tell me how can I make it better. But this probably is a whole other topic.
    To expand followers we have to start small, have patience (icky word), and continue on. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. You’re right, the first 5 doesn’t necessarily mean those who always agree with us. Our first 5 are those who will always choose to read our post despite whether or not they agree with it and who will give us constructive criticism.

      I do bad with constructive criticism. I get attached to my words and don’t want to be told that I should edit sentences out, bad habit, but point is good for you for seeking that out.

      Continuing on the idea though, you gradually build on your first five until it becomes a tidal wave in a sense.

      That takes patience, which I agree is tricky, no need to tell you how important it is though to our success.

      Thanks again, I’m glad you liked my post:)

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    1. All you need is 5. Because if they really love your work then they’ll each get you another 5 who each get you another 5. If no one loves your work in a way like that however then maybe we aren’t making work that is worth talking about like you said. I loved how you worded your comment Swetha:)

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  2. I am definitely seeing this unfold with my blog and social media. But I think life happens to all, meaning that people get busy and it makes an impact on their regular activities. So i started part time work, 3 days a week. First week was only 2 days, then next was 3 -but at schedule the person who was leaving, then it was my schedule. It all happened to fast and I started work with in a week of a casual would you consider me for part time work if there ever was part time work (and all i was doing was asking for reference at my old company). Anyway the point being – in three weeks I lost 10 tweeter follower and 5-6 instagram followers. Word press followers are so much more forgiving and understanding. My numbers are so small i notice all the changes. Before it bothered me but now I am not bothered, because of that they way the cookie crumbles i think with those social media platform, so those who are gonna stick with you will stick through your ups and downs – and they are worth gold !


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