Don’t Start Something And Then Quit At The Dip

The Dip is what marketer and blogger Seth Godin calls the moment when most people quit.

For those whose resolution is to get in shape, for example, their dip is in February.

We know that everyone who wants to get in shape joins the gym in January, but for some reason almost no one goes to the gym in March. This is because somewhere between January and March, there’s a dip, which is the moment where the people who are going to remain unfit are the ones who quit, while the people who stick it out are the ones who get in shape.

Another example is medical school. Many students work hard during their academic career, studying long hours and staying up through many nights in order to become a doctor.

These students spend years working hard towards this goal, but then organic chemistry hits. This is the dip. This is the moment that separates the pre med students who are going to become doctors from the pre med students who quit at the predictable moment.

And what Seth Godin argues in his book “The Dip” is that you have two choices to consider then.

Either you start the project, knowing where the dip is, and you plan to have enough resources and mental toughness to get through the dip and succeed. Or you don’t start the project at all if you’re not going to push through when times get hard.

Because, as Seth Godin says, to start a blog, a business or a project and then quit at the dip is inexcusable.


20 thoughts on “Don’t Start Something And Then Quit At The Dip

  1. This was a great read!
    I think I hit my dip about a month after starting this blog. I stopped reading or publishing posts. But then I had to motivate myself to start writing again! I couldn’t quit writing! I think the dip happened because I didn’t understand what I wanted to write about. I couldn’t find a theme or a genre of posts that I would like to publish! But eventually I realized that I am best at anecdotes and I should probably stick to that! And thus my blog was revived…

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  2. Oh this is so right. we quit at the dip, but the thing is we can’t see around the corner can we, so we don’t know we are just about to make it.. Ahhhh – hard one. And then sometimes you gotta cut your losses – hard one.

    I kinda agree and kinda dont. Cause you just don’t know. But, it is generally right we quit way to early. We dont give something the chance is needs. It is not like you get a BCS Honors degree in 6 months you gotta like work hard for at least 4 years…

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    1. the book explains your concern. it explains when to stick through the dip and when to quit during the dip. often times, most people make the wrong decision though. they either quit when they shouldn’t or they stubbornly pursue a path that they shouldn’t.

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