Ideas Are Worthless Without Good Marketing

There is such an oversupply of ideas nowadays that it is no longer enough to just have a great idea.

What’s in short supply, however, is the knowledge of how to tell a story about our ideas in a way that shows why they are useful and why they should matter to people.

Understanding how to make their ideas resonate with their audience is one of the biggest challenges individuals and businesses face.

For example, the idea of the computer started out in the mid 1930’s, but it took 40 years before the computer became a commercial success.

It wasn’t until companies like IBM, Apple, and Microsoft began to understand where the idea of the computer fit in the world and how it would be useful to people that made the success of the computer possible.

Being able to successfully market yourself or your business requires you to answer two questions before anything else:

  1. What makes you unique?
  2. How do you provide value to people?

If you can answer these two questions then you can get your ideas to spread and your products to sell.

All the ideas, technology and knowledge in the world is worthless unless we can find ways to understand and communicate why they should matter to people.


7 thoughts on “Ideas Are Worthless Without Good Marketing

  1. You are so right and in today’s world with millions of choices and technology on our hands it truly comes down to being unique. To getting notice pad and creating a service people enjoy and want.
    Great article and very relative…

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    1. exactly, but it’s not enough to just be unique. you then have to figure out how to communicate why being unique is valuable to people. marketing will be the differentiator. I’m glad you found it relevant! thank you:)

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