Most People Are Too Lazy To Be Wealthy

Most people want to live a certain life and accomplish certain things, but the problem is they aren’t willing to work for it.

In the book “The Rules Of Wealth,” Richard Templar says,

“Most people are just too lazy to be rich. They may say they want to be rich, but they don’t. They may go out and buy a lottery ticket as a sort of half hearted gesture of wanting to be rich, but they aren’t prepared to put in the work. They aren’t prepared to make sacrifices, study, learn, work their socks off, put in the effort and make it a determined and concentrated focus of their life.”

Finding your way out of the bottom 99% and into the top 1% of whatever it is you want to achieve is by no means easy. You have to wake up early, go to bed a little later, and work harder and longer than you want to every day of the week. But eventually, with a little bit of patience, most people will get what they deserve.


16 thoughts on “Most People Are Too Lazy To Be Wealthy

    1. Interesting. Also i think, like you said in a much earlier post of yours ; some live pay packet to pay packet. I think living a simple life can also helps.

      Whats your take on four hour work week? I still havent read it?

      I havent finished Crush it yet… but it is a great book and definately motivating.

      I can wake up early but only if i am in bed by 9.30 pm if i go to bed late i cant get up early…old age!
      Lol there was a time i could do all hours but not now

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      1. I love the four hour work week. it teaches a lot about how to be more efficient and waste less time. I also like the idea in the book about absolute and relative income, very cool idea. I may write about it soon:)

        I’m glad you’re liking crush it!

        I struggle with waking up early too. I’m more of a night owl, but I know I should sleep earlier and wake up earlier.

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  1. laziness can be very difficult to overcome. I have just been letting it win too easily. Sadly, by being lazy, we can give up a lot of things that we want from life in addition to wealth. like relationships, hobbies, ambitions, health, and good causes we believe in. I hate to admit to myself that I could compromise all that just because I am lazy

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    1. I agree. laziness is difficult to overcome and this quality can be toxic for many aspects of our life. Being lazy in relationships can ruin a great relationship. And the same is true with health and all the other things you mentioned. For me it comes down to understanding how discipline and habits work that really gets me “off the couch.” There’s no secret really to overcoming laziness then by just doing it.

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