Not Having Enough Time

I don’t watch television. I don’t wake up late. And I don’t check email more often than I have to.

This means that I have 7 more hours in the day than everyone else has.

And in those 7 hours, if I spend 4 hours on productive work and the other 3 hours reading and noticing things, then I had a productive day.

Unfortunately, most people aren’t willing to give up these few things in order to work towards something better later on.


14 thoughts on “Not Having Enough Time

  1. Hey vincent. I am strugglung to get up these days, because i spend may be a few hoursxreading blogs and commenting or just liking. I know youtube is something i have to stop or control. But a lot of my time is used positively at least two solud hours of meditation. And hour or two of spiritual reading, chores of a house. So for me my commute time is for reading other books. But i know i can tighten up … thanks for the kick up the backside…lol

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    1. agreed. some people prioritize tv over other things, which is completely fine. It’s not fine however when you’re trying to work toward your goals and then you wonder why you’re not achieving them when you’re watching tv 4 hours a day.

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  2. I enjoy the t.v. I watch, I always check my computer while having my morning coffee when I wake up about 8am and completely enjoy it. I work on my genealogy at least 5 hours a day and since I have arthritis in my hands this keeps my fingers limber and I enjoy it as well. I’ve read two books this month instead of the 2 a week I used to do and enjoy my time with my husband. At 71 I’ve decided to spend more time doing what I want instead of what is expected of me to suit others.. life is grand

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