What’s Harder? Making A $1,000,000 Or Finding The Love Of Your Life?

Felix Dennis, founder of Maxim Magazine and author of the book “How To Get Rich,” was worth a total of $300 million.

Financially, he was very successful, but Dennis didn’t have a love life. He felt lonely, and towards the end of his life questioned whether all of his success was even worth it.

According to recent surveys, 40% of adults feel lonely. These people, including Felix Dennis, might say that making money is easy, but that finding love is very difficult.

On the other side of this question, you see marriages that are filled with love constantly end in divorce as a result of having a lack of money.

These people might say that finding love was easy, but that making money is what’s hard.

Understand that when I ask, “Is finding love harder?” I don’t mean love as in someone you marry and then divorce after 10 years of being with each other. 

When I say love, I mean lifelong love.

Finding someone you have a strong and engaging relationship with that lasts a lifetime can be more difficult simply because it requires a mutual feeling between two people, while making $1,000,000 is solely dependent on your own effort.

But in order to make $1,000,000, you have to basically rewire your brain. You have to unlearn almost every single thing that you’ve been taught in life, and you have to learn to face your fears.

Understanding which one is harder for you to find I think can help you put these two goals into perspective.

Let me know what you think is harder, making a $1,000,000 or finding the love of your life?


6 thoughts on “What’s Harder? Making A $1,000,000 Or Finding The Love Of Your Life?

  1. I might have to get back to you on that. 🙂 Being that person without $1M, I’ll have to say making that $1M is harder. However, love, although “easy to find”, can be quite fickle so even when it is found, it does not mean that it doesn’t fade or disappear. For love to stand the test of time, commitment needs to go hand in hand with it and that is the harder part. And that becomes harder in the absence of money. But if I have to give a definite answer, it is harder to make $1M because of the re-wiring of the mind. Love comes to those true to and have love for themselves. The question is, are you willing to accept that love if it comes in the packaging that isn’t your choice?

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    1. that’s interesting. personally, I feel that finding love would be the harder thing to find solely because you can’t control it. At least with money, it’s in your control. and also just because you find love first doesn’t mean that it was easier to find.

      Thank you Anne for your well thought out comment on this post:)

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      1. A pleasure, Vincent Carlos. 🙂 Maybe it’s a girl thing. We should then work together to get both. Oh, women are not difficult really, as a general rule.. Great post. I love thought-provoking works. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. making money like this is long term and happens faster when you have couple who are a team and work together to build that nest. We knew retirement would not happen as long as we continued our lifestyle of not denying ourselves much of anything including 3 day trips every 6 weeks. We also used dining out as entertainment so that was a huge change from 4 days a week to a couple of times a month. We practiced what we preached and reached our goal before retirement. We also practiced living on that retirement income for 10 years before my husband retired. Our main goal during those years was to have our home and car paid for and credit cards paid of every 30 days. Now it’s just a lifestyle for us and we can afford those unexpected things that happen in life.
    As for long term love relationships I believe they last better when you’re friends first without the goal of finding a life partner. Too many people have a romantic notion about love and that’s nice and fun but for the long haul it takes more. Things like mutual respect, goals and space to allow each other to grow and those things are a life long commitment. We dated for 9 years and have been married 23 but we still practice what we preach.

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