How To Say No To Billions Of Dollars

This happened a month ago, and the description isn’t in my own words, but what happened is still very interesting to me.

In 1998, Yahoo refused to buy Google for $1 million.

If you don’t know, Google is now worth about $360 Billion.

Then in 2002, Yahoo realized its mistake and tries to buy Google for $3 Billion. Google however wants $5 Billion, but Yahoo says no to that offer.

In 2008, Microsoft offers to buy Yahoo for $40 Billion and Yahoo refuses it.

Now in 2016, Yahoo is struggling and had to sell itself to Verizon for $4.6 Billion.

This reminds me of the story about how the Founder of Atari could have invested $50,000 to own 30% of Apple, which is now worth $500 Billion.

The idea today is that some people seem to just always make the wrong decision.


12 thoughts on “How To Say No To Billions Of Dollars

  1. I remember back in the day when the only real competitor to Microsoft was Yahoo. Google’s only contribution to the internet at the time was Google search; which everyone uses.
    Today, Yahoo is hardly even heard of and names like Apple and Google dominate the tech news with releases of devices, services, etc.

    Atari is also a forgotten brand. Imagine if he did invest.

    History is full of great “what if” moments. If you look into your own life, there is sure to be some moments that you will ask the same question, “what if..”

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  2. Yeah right, some people tend to make wrong decisions, but isn’t it sometimes difficult to access the impact of a particular situation.. I guess the vision in these cases would have helped but to what extent, I am not sure.. technology world has boomed like anything in the past 15 years and things happening now would have expected to be impossible 15 years back.. things could work in the positive and negative direction both..

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    1. This makes sense in relation to the founder of Atari. He could have never known that some company in a garage would one day be worth over 500 Billion. I can understand that situation. I think Yahoo is different though because they constantly made a bad decision when it came to buying and selling. It wasn’t like a one time event like the Atari example. thoughts?

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    1. yea the problem with yahoo could have been they never saw the long term vision of google. They only saw it at its current state and didn’t want to invest in it and build it themselves. I hope I interpreted your comment right?

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