Learn To Have Micro Goals

If you make zero dollars and you have the goal to make a million dollars, then your goal shouldn’t be to just go straight for the million.

I shouldn’t have to say this but unfortunately today, common sense tends to not be so common anymore, meaning if you want to make a million dollars, it’s best to focus first on making $1,000.

Then $10,000. Then $50,000. Then once you get to $100K, then maybe you can finally go for a million.

But it’s crazy to only focus on your end goal in the beginning.

Instead, you should learn to have micro goals. It’s like Peter Drucker says in his book “Managing Oneself,”

“Your goals should be hard to achieve – they should require “stretching.” But also they should be within reach. To aim at results that cannot be achieved – or that can be achieved only under the most unlikely circumstances – is not being ambitious; it is being foolish.”


3 thoughts on “Learn To Have Micro Goals

  1. What i call baby steps… achievable and motivating. Vincent you need to read my post on M T O goals… it is a yt video a different take on goals…you might seriously like it.

    I forgot the title of my own blog.. But it a great concept. It only a week ago i think..


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