Why Plans Don’t Work

All throughout your life, parents and teachers tell you that if you study hard, you’ll get good grades. And if you get good grades, you’ll get into a good college. And if you get into a good college, you’ll get a high paying job.

As a result, you study hard to get good grades and because you did what you were told and followed the plan you were given, you eventually do one day get accepted into a good college.

All throughout your life, a plan has been laid out for you and you follow that plan because it’s the plan.

However, the problem with plans occur when that thing that you were told would happen if you did everything right doesn’t happen

The question therefore becomes, what happens when life doesn’t go the way you want it to go?

What do you do when you graduate from college and can’t find that job that so many teachers and parents promised you would get?

What happens when that project you’ve been working on for months and even years on just isn’t going as well as you planned it to go?

This is the problem with education because it teaches students that life is never unpredictable.

But it’s like Mike Tyson once said,

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”


11 thoughts on “Why Plans Don’t Work

  1. So true.. life doesn’t go to plan.. we have to be flexible and resillent… and we need to know ourself well enough to adjust the game plan and nit get disheartened. And you have to get punched in tge face a few times before you figure it out and get resillent ..believe me. But having said if you have a vision and you believe in yourself you can make it happen even the plan does quite go right. Also sometimes it is a blessing in disguise… regards bella

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  2. Life happens to the best of plans. BUT we always have choices even if they aren’t the ones we like. Go on to the next thing with courage and passion..

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    1. agreed:) the problem is that education doesn’t teach students how to fail and be resilient. it makes making choices harder, which means that when those students can’t find a job they don’t know what to do.


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