Every Writer Is A Copywriter

A copywriter by definition is someone who writes for an audience with the intent of getting that audience to do something that they wouldn’t have otherwise done if they had not read your writing.

And in this sense, all writing is copywriting.

No matter what it is you’re writing, whether it’s a blog or a fiction story, you are trying to get the reader to do something.

The intent of your writing could be to convince or persuade somebody of something.

It could be to change how somebody thinks about a topic or even change how they see the world.

It could also be about getting someone to buy something from you.

No matter the intent, the outcome of a piece of copywriting is that somebody does something with it.

The reader should always feel like they have to change how they do something right after reading what you wrote.

This is why every sentence you write should be written with intent.

As Ann Handley, author and marketer, says,

“Good content always has an objective. It’s created with intent. It therefore carries triggers to action.”


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