Logic vs Feelings

Before you start to have a logical argument with someone, you should first consider whether logic is even necessary.

This is because often times, you may find that the person you’re arguing with doesn’t care about logic.

They may be someone who only cares about the status quo and doing things how they’ve always been done. They may be driven by fear. They also may be someone who just doesn’t care about the topic as much as you do.

Sometimes, but rarely, we’ll find ourselves in discussions where the most logical side wins.

Most of the times, however, we don’t.

Luckily for us, that isn’t the type of person we are huh?


13 thoughts on “Logic vs Feelings

  1. Human nature is such a complex thing. You can never really predict how a person is going to react; even if you believe that you can predict that person so well.
    Sometimes an argument can start over the most infantile of things or even a simple misinterpretation of one’s actions or words.

    In most cases… truthfully no one wins an argument. Consider it a ceasefire until there is a legitimate reason to start it up again.

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    1. I agree no one wins in an argument. This is why we need to be able to have discussions with each other. But we can only have discussions when we let logic guide the conversation and not our feelings. (exclude religion from this)

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  2. I’ve actually never thought about it this way. Most times I prefer having logical arguments because I feel it makes more sense. I never stopped to consider the other person’s point of view. I’ll try this approach next time, thanks for sharing.

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    1. Wait you said you debate logically, but then you said you’ll try this approach next time. But the approach I want people to do is to have logical arguments with people. What was your interpretation of this post?


      1. Oh.. Considering you said sometimes some people people don’t care about logic and it’s good to consider if logic is necessary in certain arguments. This is what I’ve never thought about before. So sometimes the arguments get draining because we seem to be speaking from different sides of the coin. Hope it makes sense now?

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    1. I agree, but the point of the article was to show that a lot of people won’t debate logically. Instead they’ll debate based on their feelings which can’t be argued with logic. This creates a problem when two people are trying to come up with common solutions because logic can’t be used to overcome how someone feels.

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  3. I always say feel the plus, have the wisdom to know when to stay quite. Sime people need to hear oh what they coojed waa great even when it wasnt…

    Logic = wisdom = knowing when not to speak… then you are logical. I would dmsay i would be logical if i went into debate with someone who doesnt do logic.. i am being quite hard and frank here … u would be wholly stupid to go into a logical debate with someone who could not give a monkeys… and uf i did that will be my ego…oride.. pride comes before a fall… ir have i got tge wrong end of this post

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