When Beliefs Go Against The Reality

The difficulty politicians face with appealing to people with a different political affiliation is not an issue of who is right or better, but an issue of worldviews.

Different people have different worldviews, which is a set of biases, values, and beliefs, that is influenced by their parents, their schools, the places they lived, and the experiences they’ve had.

These worldviews become the lens through which individuals use to determine where they stand on political issues and therefore which politicians they vote for.

This is why two very intelligent people can see the same data on the same politician and yet come up with two totally different conclusions.

When politicians are able to figure out how to align their message and confirm someone’s worldview, they gain support.

If however, their message is framed in a way that conflicts with someone’s worldview, their message will tend to always be ignored.

Politicians who are able to frame their ideas around a particular worldview are the politicians who get their ideas to spread.

This is true even when their worldviews are wrong.

Better than Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump understands the importance of marketing to worldviews, which is why he never misses an opportunity to regurgitate specific phrases that align with his target audience’s beliefs.

According to a 2015 Gallup poll, about 70 percent of Americans believe that crime rate is on the rise. Understanding this, Trump has aligned his message with this worldview by saying things like, “I am the law and order candidate.”


However, the crime rate in the United States has dramatically decreased nationwide to their lowest rate in over 40 years.

The data below shows violent crime in the US

violent crime.png

This data shows property crime in the US

propert crime.png

This doesn’t get anyone to change their worldview though. Using facts and figures to try to prove your case will rarely ever move people into action.

In marketing and politics, it’s the worldviews that people hold and the story that fits that worldview that politicians choose to tell voters that ultimately drives human behavior.

In a world based on worldviews and not facts though is a world where reality doesn’t exist. And in a world where reality doesn’t exist, people are allowed to blur the lines. They’re allowed to talk about things that just aren’t true.

In a world where reality doesn’t matter, you don’t have to listen to facts because what you feel is what matters to you.

However, this is the equivalent of watching political candidates debate without the sound turned on because you don’t care about what the other candidate is saying, you only care about how they say it.

Who has more conviction? Who has more passion? Who believes in what they’re saying more than the other?

The words don’t really matter nearly as much as the intent and the emotion does.

As a result, we become less concerned about whether what someone is saying is true or not and more concerned about how they say it and how it makes us feel.

In order to move forward though, phrases like “Don’t confuse me with facts” should not exist.

This post is not meant to be political (although it inherently is due to the topic and example), rather this post is meant to spark an open dialogue between us, as individuals. Thank you for understanding this.


9 thoughts on “When Beliefs Go Against The Reality

  1. the really interesting part is people will not like everything a candidate says or does but will find an issue they are passionate about and will go with the candidate that showcases that issue. We see it especially this year..

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    1. This is true, I never even thought of the importance of voters’ world views, but it makes sense. No, numbers and figures tend to have little impact; it’s more how closely a candidate is aligned to someone’s worldview. Great post!

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  2. I always thought that Donald Trump was great in what he was doing. That man is a genius because he delivers exactly what people want. That’s why he has so many supporters. However, that doesn’t mean that following him is going the right direction. Nonetheless, I have to recognize he is a great leader.

    World-views are everything. Reality is nothing compared to it. We live by our emotions, our thoughts and not in an objective, impartial way. We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are (Anaïs Nin saied that). Groups, societies, communities are all gathered around that concept of common beliefs and I’ll have to use another quote, this time by José Saramago: believe, to see.

    Great post!

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    1. nice comment!

      Well it really does all come down to individual worldviews. You may say that he’s a great leader, but someone else will say that he isn’t. It comes down to how each individual thinks a leader should be like. Is Putin a great leader? This is the same with Clinton. There are facts to support both parties, but often times, it just comes down to worldviews.

      We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are. I’ve heard that quote before, but I’ve forgotten it. Thank you for reminding me of it:)

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      1. I only say he’s a great leader because he knows how to talk to people. That doesn’t mean I like his style of leadership. In fact, there are many type of leaders (and his isn’t actually the one I would approve or like to be). I don’t think any leader should be like him. 😉 But, that doesn’t mean he isn’t great in what he’s doing: he is achieving his goals.

        But I agree with you when you say it all depends on our worldviews.

        No problem. 😉

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