Unhappiness Meets You Everywhere

Everywhere you go, unhappiness meets you.

Stand at a busy street during working hours, sit on a subway train midday, or even go to a music club late at night and you will see a lot of unhappy people.

A great majority of people are unhappy, but feel they ought to be.

It appears to me that people’s unhappiness is largely due to the mistaken beliefs people have about what actually makes people happy.

However, these are matters which lie within the power of the individual to change.

For those who seek to understand happiness, my advice is to read books on happiness.

Books such as…

“The Happiness Hypothesis,” by Jonathan Haidt.

“Civilizations and Its Discontents,” by Sigmund Freud.

And “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari,” by Robin S. Sharma

As the saying goes,

“Don’t seek happiness. Seek the knowledge of what makes people happy.”


10 thoughts on “Unhappiness Meets You Everywhere

  1. Happiness can’t be found by looking outward for it ,forst its a state of mind .If we try to stay happy and calm inside we can enjoy things outside and that will make us happy.If we aren’t happy within ourselves no matter how. Perfect the outside things are they can’t make us happy.


    1. To an extent I agree that happiness does come from within, but happiness also very largely comes from outside circumstances. The first two books that I mention in my post would prove that. It’s possible, and more likely, to find happiness by looking outward than inward. You just have to know what to look for. Most people don’t know what makes people happy though.


  2. I even think further that we get unhappy because we expect to be happy …through the actions and things we seek. A far more effective discovery is simply Being …and connecting to true joy through only Being …not the easiest but more sustained, I think.

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    1. the first two books I mentioned are interesting because they show that there are things that we can do and seek out that will make us happy. Often times though, people rely too much on the idea that happiness solely comes from within. I also think that people have a false definition of what happiness is, which is why those who seek out to find it are often dissatisfied when they find it so I agree with what you said on that:)

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      1. I do see your point …about really reaching out for things make us happy. If deprived, only with the assumption of happiness from within, then it is a life half lived. And I am glad you see my point 🙂 Both perspectives put together is a rich life. Thank you for the conversation.

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