If You Want To Succeed, You Have To Be Likeable

It’s a myth that most of the people at the top are mean. And the reason for this is because our brain has 25 different cognitive biases, which influence how we make decisions.

One of these biases is called “The Liking Bias,” which says,

As humans, we tend to agree with, listen to, and want to work with those we like and ignore those we don’t.

This means that in order to succeed, you have to be likeable.

This is because people tend to feel attached to those who are nice to them.

When someone is friendly to us, we want to be friendly back to them.

As a result, we want to do something nice in return, whether it’s buy their product, read their posts, or do business with them.

This is why people who are mean will rarely ever get to the top because they’ll tend to push people away rather than create a feeling of belonging.

If you want to be successful, then you have to be likeable.


18 thoughts on “If You Want To Succeed, You Have To Be Likeable

    1. I understand that there are some mean people at the top. This was something I wanted to express an understanding for by saying things like “most of the people at the top” and “people who are mean will rarely get to the top.” Typically though, people at the top are nice people. people like Seth Godin, Jeff Goins, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Gary Vaynerchuk, Timothy Ferris, etc. There are those who are mean like Martin Shkreli who manage to get to the top though, but they’re not the majority. I believe in karma too. Eventually it’ll turn around for them:)


  1. Totally, I can see this at my work places. Likeacble makes you approachable and easy to work with.

    Having said that i worked for a new york based company. Some at the very top were lovely , but some were oh my god horrible and so where the lower management. It was like everyone was horrible, back stabbers, put you in trouble to save their back even though you werent even presebnt. And i think thats a bit common in big new york based companies.. they are a bit out of touch in teaching how to be nice. I havent had any goid exoeriences working with companiescowned by americans… most of in uk i think stay away from usa companies as the work culture
    .omg in a bad way

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    1. interesting. Just to clarify my point then. Most of the people at the top are mean. but business and careers are so cut throat that the people in the middle, not the top, are typically those who are mean. That’s interesting about UK people not wanting to do business with American people. Thanks for giving me something to think about Bella:)

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      1. Well as an employee we generally say dont work for usa companies because all usa employee whatever level are ruthless. Of course there are a few lovelybpersons. Generally at in my career a non usa company uk based , european , japanese are nice to work with, you are treated like a human being..and you dont hace to watch your back so much. ..well this is what i have found at my level of employee. But there are some who will walk allover you to get to the top and i would say that is handful and rare. But in usa companies itvus rare to find nice prople.

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  2. It does make a difference to be likable, which is good. Unfortunately, to move up the ladder, some people pose as likable but are not genuine and it can still work favourably. One thing I did learn is that it is easier to be likable if I worry less about what others are going to think of me.

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    1. That’s true. In the beginning being nice to someone will work out in your favor even if it’s not genuine. but people are smart and will eventually catch on and discover whether you’re kindness is authentic or not.

      You’re last point is interesting because I think of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was known for being tough and mean towards his employees. The only reason he wasn’t kind was because he didn’t care what others thought of him. So it’s interesting that his reason as to why he wasn’t nice is your reason why you’re nice. that’s interesting so I’ll have to think about that:)

      Thank you for the great comment:) I enjoyed reading it:)

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    1. I believe that is exactly how you should treat people. You should start off nice to people, but if someone is being mean to you then you shouldn’t continue to be nice to them. l like how you respond back to people how they respond to you, which I agree with:)

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