Get Your Daily Routine Right And You’ll Achieve In One Year What Usually Takes Most People 10

I wrote a post a few days ago where I talked about the 50 Things I Want To Do (And Will Do) In My Life.

This is something I recommend everyone should do because creating a list of goals you want to achieve in life is a great way to figure out what you should actually do with your life.

Having a list of goals however is just one part of the equation. The second part to the equation is you then have to set up your daily routine to get you closer to those goals.

This is what most people fail to do.

Often times, you get people who say they want to build an audience online, start a business, or get good grades in school, but what they do on a daily basis doesn’t reflect that.

This is why the most important thing that any individual can do is create a daily routine that aligns with what they want in life.

If you can get your daily routine right, then you’ll be able to accomplish in one year what it takes most people 10 years to accomplish

So tell me, what does a typical day for you look like?

After examining what a typical day of yours looks like, can you say that what you’re doing on a daily basis will bring you closer toward achieving your goals?

If not, then think to yourself, what would your ideal day look like?

My ideal day includes doing the following activities:

8 hours of healthy, uninterrupted sleep the night before.

30-60 minutes of exercise.

1-2 hours of reading.

3-4 hours of undistracted writing whether it’s writing posts for my blog, articles for sites I write for, or personal projects.

And 2 hours of undistracted time with my girlfriend.

As of now, this is what my ideal day would look like. Your goals are different from mine so your ideal day should also look different.

The question then is, how often do you live your ideal day?

Then also ask yourself, if you were to consistently live out your ideal day, where would you be in life one year from now? Where would you be five years from now?

Remember, that everything that you want to achieve in life needs to become a part of your daily routine.

As Aristotle once said,

“We are what we repeatedly do.”


12 thoughts on “Get Your Daily Routine Right And You’ll Achieve In One Year What Usually Takes Most People 10

  1. This is so true. I used to be afraid to dream because I was worried that I would fail, but the dreams that I dared to nurture have all come true. Most of them have been really small, but have still happened… So now, I just need to start dreaming bigger then follow it up with a daily plan. I really admire the fact that you have created a list of 50 things you want to do. Very inspiring!

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  2. Aristotle said it well and true 😉 exactly! We’re not really living if we’re living by the couldas and shouldas – of we really want it- we have to seize the day and do it! Thanks for posting such an inspiring post =D and like how you labelled 50 Things you want to do and will (it’s such a powerful motivator when we say we will do them.) They no longer become just a to do list that shelved!

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  3. Well said! Flexibility is also, I think useful and essential to the routine ( as long as it doesn’t become an excuse to avoid hard work 🤔) but a basic promise to oneself to achieve certain things towards a goal is essential and a daily routine is at the heart of that. Otherwise, those dreams can become something we are forever going to start working toward tomorrow!

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  4. daily routines change as we age and find limitations on our time and bodies. Our daily routines become simpler and less about others and more about ourselves and our loved ones. I find I’m much more relaxed and less rigid about others too. I think it’s a gift that comes with age ..

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    1. I guess it depends what your goals are in life. People like Richard Branson, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates are still very hard working individuals who haven’t let age get the better of them.


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