How To Write An eBook

Blogs are a great tool for writers to use as a way to experiment with new ideas – to see what people like and what people don’t like.

As a writer myself, whenever I have an idea that I think is important to talk about, I write a post about it first and put it on my blog.

Some of my posts have been good, some haven’t.

This is how I determine whether an idea is good or not, which I can tell based on the engagement that it gets.

After experimenting with a thought, if it’s good, I can then take that thought and turn it into something bigger.

I can turn that blog post (300 words) into a full length article (1,000 words), a short eBook (5,000 words), or even into an actual full length book (30,000 – 50,000 words).

This is what I did not too long ago.

I took posts that I had already written on my blog that people liked, and compiled them into a short eBook.

The great thing about this was that all the posts were already written. I didn’t have to write anything new. I just had to organize it.

This meant that it took me no more than a day to put together a short eBook and only an additional day to edit it.

This is something I recommend every writer should do as well because if you want people to sign up to your blog, then you have to incentivize them.

This is why most successful writers and bloggers will give out a free eBook to new subscribers as a way to incentivize people to sign up to their email list.

Whatever your reason may be for wanting to create an eBook, make sure that you make your eBook about something that you think people will enjoy. The eBook that I wrote for example is about how to build an audience as a writer.

If you want to read it, then you can click here for it. It’s free.

I would really love some feedback on it.


5 thoughts on “How To Write An eBook

  1. Vincent Congrats on this milestone, Mailchimp is still on my to-do list, since 3 months or longer when I tried to do it manually. So i have joined your email list, not sure when i will read your book – but i have at least registered. Will you blog on the actual process of creating an ebook or ?

    I am still awaiting a visit ! lol!


  2. Vincent, i think i downloaded your book before.. probably even lost the email. Anyway just downloaded it again or may be first time. And i read it. LoVE It and the advice. I like it all but what stuck for me .. was everyday, edit edit edit, when to post and word count. Also be passionate about writing.

    I have a theory on , between tuesday and thursday..based on myself and me as a professional. Monday is just hard and you have to get into swing of things. Friday you jyst getting ready to leave things in a good state for monday and you have entered weekend mode. Thats why tuesday ,wednesday,thursday are the most productive and inspired and when i go looking fir simething to read that lifts my game… well thats my humble reflection of me as a professional. And that is why when i decided to change my blogging schedule i avoided monday and friday. And chose tues, thursday, sat and sunday. I thought sat and sunday would be good. But sometimes weekend just dont perform.. anyways.

    I really enjoyed your book .. full of great tips.. Not a one time read for me. I would need to read again ..great reference book and so much great points to put into practise

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