It’s Lonely At The Top

It’s easy to become the CEO of a company. Why? Because no one else is trying to become the CEO.

Yes, it’s difficult getting there, but it’s the difficulty that gets rid of all the other people who only ‘merely want’ to become the CEO.

If it wasn’t difficult, then there would be a lot of people at the top.

For this reason, there is just always less competition for bigger goals because there is always going to be less people competing for these goals.

It’s like what Timothy Ferriss says in his book “The 4-Hour Workweek.”

Ferriss says,

“It’s lonely at the top. Ninety-nine percent of people in the world are convinced they are incapable of achieving great things, so they aim for the mediocre. The level of competition is thus fiercest for “realistic” goals, paradoxically making them the most time and energy consuming. “

This is why it’s not as difficult as many people think it is to become a millionaire, to get a response from a billionaire through email, or to become a thought leader in their specific field.

Everyone, however, thinks that they can get that internship at a specific company, get that entry level position, or become the manager.

Competing for these “realistic” goals then becomes a lot harder to achieve.

But remember, “The fishing is easiest where the fewest go.”


13 thoughts on “It’s Lonely At The Top

  1. Like … fishing is easiest where the fewest go. Makes a lot of sense. But one really has to believe in oneself.. which is hard as being set on medicore is something we dont realise , until we read a post like this.

    Thanks for sharing this and inspiring us

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  2. I do think that people shouldn’t settle because they lack confidence. But to be honest, every person cannot be the CEO. In my opinion there are a lot of factors that work into it: talent, drive, work, intelligence and sometimes luck. Moreover, some don’t want to be the CEO or in charge. And someone else’s mediocrity is another person’s goal.

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    1. I have to respectfully disagree Kristina. Business is a skill that anyone can develop. People like Warren Buffett, Sam Walton, and Bill Gates are not some specially gifted individuals who won a genetic lottery. Anyone can be a CEO. I agree that not everyone may become a CEO of a fortune 500 company for example, but everyone can definitely be the CEO of their own business that nets them at least $100,000. I also realize that not everyone may want to be a CEO. and if that’s the case then this post wasn’t written for that person.


  3. Hey there, nice discussion point. Most people do not think they could ever achieve something great or that they deserve to achieve. This thought foundation never lets them to go beyond a certain point. Since a lot of people fall into this one category, like you rightly said, achieving their pragmatic goals become a lot harder. Nice piece as always.


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