What’s Easy To Do Is Also Easy Not To Do

If you took 100 people when they were young and observed them as they got older, you would find that by the time they turn 65, only 5 percent of them will achieve the level of success and fulfillment that they had hoped for when they were a kid.

That’s only 1 out of 20 people!

The only difference between the few who succeed and the many who fail is the 5 percent’s discipline to always do the mundane, easy things that the 95% choose not to do.

This is what Jeff Olson talks about in his book “The Slight Edge.”

In this book, Olson says that the reason people don’t consistently do those simple things are because of three reasons:

1) While they’re easy to do, they are also easy not to do.

2) You don’t see any results at first.

3) They seem insignificant, like they don’t matter. But they do.

This is the challenge that makes becoming a success so hard, which is that the road to success is going to be filled with repetitive and mundane tasks that don’t seem to be making a difference.

However, just remember that if you stay disciplined and consistent with something long enough, then you’ll eventually start to see results as well.

This is the commonality amongst all successful people.


13 thoughts on “What’s Easy To Do Is Also Easy Not To Do

  1. The Slight Edge is such a powerful concept!
    It works the same with poor diet or workout rutine. Maybe for the first while it won’t be as significant, but fast forward twenty years it is impossible not to see the difference.
    People have the tendency to forget that the time will go by anyway, so we might as well build an empire than wake up one day old, fat and unhealthy.

    Love your posts!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I have certainly written post the art if doing mundane well.. and have included in other post of mine ..doung little things well as there will always be little things to do.. even in big projects..

    Mind over matter i say..

    My mother always appreciates my love for doing the little things well


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