Your Biggest Problem Is That No One Knows Who You Are (Yet)

Every individual, whether you’re a writer, an entrepreneur, or a politician, needs a tribe.

Without a tribe of engaged readers or a group of loyal customers, your ideas will never spread and your products will never sell.

Most individuals seem to struggle with this. Most writers and entrepreneurs just want to create great work and make great products and hope that one day they’ll get published or that enough people will come across their website and buy their products.

The problem with this idea though is that no one knows who you are.

In the book “The 10X Rule,” Grant Cardone, entrepreneur and bestselling author, says,

“Your biggest problem is obscurity – other people don’t know you and aren’t thinking about you.”

This is the common problem that every individual faces when they first start to sell a product or build a blog.

This is why in the beginning, your goal should be to solely get your voice out there by contributing your work to as many publications as you can.

Publications like The Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, and Elite Daily thrive on contributed content from individuals.

Many writers, who aren’t well known writers, will typically use these publications as a means to get their words out in front of possibly tens of millions of readers.

Leaving a link to your website at the end of one of these articles will greatly help move traffic to your website.

Publishing the same piece of content on multiple platforms may be bad for SEO purposes, but you’ll have a bigger problem if no one knows who you are in the first place.

In the beginning, you have to go where people already are and then lead them to where you are.


9 thoughts on “Your Biggest Problem Is That No One Knows Who You Are (Yet)

  1. Interesting and a good eye opener.

    I just dont get SEO , granted I am not unvesting that much time to understand it either. What i read or listen to re seo , i find a bit contradicting.. clearly i dont get it… but at the same time i am seeing on my wp stats at least 1 search engine stat per day… does it mean seo ? Do i care…i know i should but i feel a bit rebelious on this i know i shouldnt.. lol on me

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    1. yea, I’m not too competent on SEO either, but I’m trying to understand it a little bit more every day. I know that SEO is very important though, it can be the difference between a successful website and a website that just isn’t. It’s definitely something worth investing time in understanding

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  2. Vincent this is very true. It doesn’t make sense we are putting out our best and no-one knows about us. Thank you for the suggestion about the publications, I know it will help me as well as others. Thanks Vincent.

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    1. Hey Dehan, I’m sorry about the late response. I agree with you that it really doesn’t make that much sense to put out great content if no one is listening. Just because you put out great content, doesn’t mean that people will come to you. People have to understand that you have to go where people already are then lead them to where you are. I’m happy you liked the suggestions. I hope it does help:) thank you Dehan for the comment

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    1. Hey Jake! I’ve been busy lately so sorry for the late reply. I agree, it really is all about exposure. This is the reason, why great products sometimes fail because the marketing behind it was terrible. Even as individuals, we have to know how to market ourselves and our ideas so that people will know who we are. Thank you for the comment Jake:) I’m happy it was eye opening to you:)


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