4 Productivity Hacks To Help You Write More

I write a blog post every day as well as an article every week, which I’ve found is something that most writers seem to struggle with.

So I just want to share a few productivity hacks that I have used that have helped me be more productive when I write.

Here are four things I do that allow me to create more content in less time. I hope they help you.

1) Take advantage of the morning

According to psychologist Ron Friedman, the first three hours of your day are your most precious for maximizing productivity.

Researchers have actually found that as humans, our willpower is finite, meaning we do not have an unlimited supply of willpower ready to be used at any given time.

From the moment we wake up, to the moment we fall asleep, our willpower slowly depletes, kinda like a phone battery.

So when we use our willpower earlier in the day, we consequently have less of it later in the day.

This is why you want to do whatever is the hardest and most important thing for you to do, in the first few hours of your day.

If you don’t, then it’ll be a lot harder for you to be productive.

For example, there was a time, about a few months ago, when I would run consistently every day in the morning. I thought that doing this was the best decision for me.

But I always found myself to have absolutely no more will power to do anything else after I ran. I was mentally exhausted and I felt that I couldn’t do anything else for the rest of the day.

Since then, I’ve started running later in the day so that I could use my initial willpower to write in the mornings and be more productive when I’m writing.

Whatever is the hardest and most important thing for you to do, do that in the first few hours of your day.

2) Productivity is about quality, not quantity

If you’re like most people, then you probably multitask while you work.

You probably go back and forth from high levels of focus on your work to then getting easily distracted by things like social media, email, YouTube, etc.

For this reason, most people never work at their peak performance. Instead they work in a relaxed manner always switching back and forth between work and play.

However, this is ineffective and is the least efficient way to do anything, whether it’s trying to be productive while working, or trying to being happy and satisfied while relaxing.

Doing this is always going to be a losing formula.

Remember, that it’s better to be productive and only focus on your work when working, and then to relax and only focus on social media when relaxing.

Because of this, I try to write in short, one to three hour, intensive spurts.

This is when work is most productive.

This means no distractions, such as social media, YouTube, or television.

Then after I’m done, I’ll relax for a bit.

Interestingly, your best work and ideas will actually happen when you’re not working, while you’re relaxing.

Creativity and new ideas will always comes from relaxing, but if you’re always working and relaxing at the same time, this can be difficult to experience.

3) Find the right place to work at

One thing that many successful writers have in common is that they always have to be writing in a specific place in order to be productive.

Some people are productive working at their local Starbucks. Some aren’t.

Some may concentrate better when they’re writing at the library, on the beach, or at the park.

Me for example, I can’t get any writing done if people are around me.

I just can’t focus in public places.

In order for me to be productive, I have to be somewhere quiet, where I can’t be bothered or easily distracted.

Find what place you’re most productive in, and then always try to work there.

4) Listen to music

Even when there isn’t any people around me, I still seem to occasionally get distracted by surrounding noise.

This is why I’ll tend to listen to background music or white noise while I  write.

Listening to the same song multiple times can help many writers enter a state of “flow.”

This is great for being more productive and for making the experience of writing more enjoyable.

Parting thoughts

Here’s a quick review: Take advantage of your mornings by doing the most important things first. Work when working and relax while relaxing. Write in timed sprints. Find the right place to work. Listen to music. And shut off social media.

These are just a few productivity hacks that I have used, and currently use, as a writer. I hope at least one of them helps you.

If you have any of your own productivity hacks that you use when you write, please let me know in the comments, I would love to hear it.


One thought on “4 Productivity Hacks To Help You Write More

  1. Nice post Vincent. Agree with it all. However tge morning is only good if i have had a good nite sleep. Sometimes i have 20 other things to and i write in the afternoon or evening… sometimes i have inspiration in the morning.. but my morning is the time i read spiritual or hear spiritual lesson for me when my mind is in a positive place then day is good and i can achieve what i need to

    But do agree the morning are your best time for everything and thats why they what you read / hear in the morning and how you start your morning impacts your day.

    Thanks for sharing the tricks of the trade …how you have success in writing it is useful


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