What Everyone Wants, But Few Will Work To Build

As someone who has been writing consistently over the last 10 months, I’ve noticed a lot of things about writers.

They all want to build large audiences. They all want their articles to be read by thousands of people. And they all want to be picked by big name publications to feature their work.

All of this is definitely possible to achieve, but it takes a lot of hard work on the writers part to make it happen.

Unfortunately, this is something that most people just aren’t willing to do.

The question then is, are you, as a writer, willing to put in the work needed to achieve what you want to achieve?


12 thoughts on “What Everyone Wants, But Few Will Work To Build

  1. so many reasons we do what we do, from writing to painting to expressing ourselves for whatever our goal is. You’ve offered and shared a lot of information and feelings about subjects that are of interest to you and have found an audience that appreciates your time and effort including me. You’ve grown and so have I from reading and sharing and I thank you for that.

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  2. Yes! And I just want to extend this a bit further – it’s not just about the writing anymore either. You have to market, sell, and push your stuff constantly. It’s hard work. But the writing part does come first. You have to devote more than just a few minutes to a blog post, or a submission article. You have to practice daily, you have to have patience. It’s not about the short term, but the long term.

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  3. To do well in any aspect of life you have to put in work and effort. And pick yourself up when you feel it is sll too mych.

    Nice post .. i am not a natural writer and oh man it is an effort each time.

    Speak soon Vincent… would be nice if you visited..lol know your super busy

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