What Would You Say If A Million People Were Listening?

Never before in history has there been a better tool for individuals to use to market themselves and their ideas than Facebook.

Unfortunately, people today still don’t seem to understand the power and potential that Facebook marketing has for their success.

Most people just use Facebook to see what other people are up to. A minority of individuals, however, are actually using Facebook to spread their ideas to the masses and to have an impact on the world.

Every day, individuals are successfully doing this because of what they know about Facebook advertising. If you’re not using Facebook advertising, then you’re wasting a golden opportunity.

Here’s why: If Facebook was considered a country, it would be bigger than China!


This is because Facebook has over a BILLION users!

Now imagine if you had the opportunity to say whatever you wanted to those people. If you did, what would you say?

Well now you have that opportunity. Because of Facebook advertising, if you wanted, your message could reach thousands of people in just hours, every single day.

Communication for everybody has now been leveled. Everyone now has a voice.

Regardless of who you are, for as little as $5, you can create a highly targeted ad that goes into hundreds and thousands of newsfeeds on Facebook.

If you spend $1,000, you could get that ad into over 500,000 newsfeeds of highly targeted people.

It won’t be like this forever though, so the sooner you take advantage of it, the better opportunity it will be for you.

In order to use Facebook ads, all you need is a Facebook fan page, which is free to create. Then, you can specifically target who you want to appeal to.

If I was to market my eBook, for example, I would be able to select the age group, location, and the interests of the people I want to appeal to.

These would be the demographics that I would put into Facebook:

Ages: 22-50

Location: USA

Interests: Writing, Mailchimp, Entrepreneurship

So, for $1,000, I can then put my Facebook Ad in 500,000 newsfeeds of people within these demographics.

Thanks to Facebook advertising, distribution has now been democratized. What are you going to do with it?


9 thoughts on “What Would You Say If A Million People Were Listening?

  1. Hi Vincent interesting..i have often comtemplate paying £4 pounds to boost a post. I cant believe facebook is still the most popular platform.. facebook does work i have seen it.

    I too noticed u awol.. lol.

    You are super busy and i miss your visits.

    One thing i can share my four day a week posting is great but still hard.. before going 4 day i was just 20 or more follows shy of 400..and now i am 500+ i csnt figure out what i am doing right or is seo working more me…but something is..it is not rapid growth..i even grow when i dont post…

    Speak soon.regards bella

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you for noticing that I’ve been gone as well:) I do plan on visiting again, I haven’t visited anyone in a while now. That’s awesome that you’re growing even on days when you don’t post, but I wouldn’t use that metric to measure your success as a writer. I still think comments are a better metric to measure that. I hope you’re doing well Bella, I really do:))

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sometimes i get likes and comments on non blog days. But as discussed on another post of yours views and likes.. somes my likes are more than my views and sometimes they match. I read someones post basically ranting and i kinda agree… why follow if you cant visit or comment


      2. Oh me again … the rant was general not directed at anyone. She said if you follow then at least visit and like or comment. After all wp is a community.

        This what they wrote in their post.

        Sometimes i not sure about follows or likes..and as you say a comment has more weight as you can like and not read. Sometimes i really wonder about it all.. in that way i love instagram ..


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