The Most Common Characteristic Among Married Individuals

In the book “Dollars And Sex,” Dr. Marina Adshade, who’s an economist, says,

“The characteristic that married individuals have most in common with their partners is their political beliefs.”

Interestingly, she says, individuals tend to not seek out partners with the same political affiliation as them. Instead, having shared political beliefs with your spouse just happens to be a natural byproduct of married individuals.

I take this to mean that having a shared political affiliation with your spouse, although it doesn’t rank high on people’s list of needs in a spouse, is extremely important for marriage and happiness.

This means that if you’re an argumentative, an opinionated, or not an open minded individual, then this is extremely important for you to remember when it comes to finding someone you can get along with.


4 thoughts on “The Most Common Characteristic Among Married Individuals

  1. basic traits like compassion, honesty, morality are best when shared but for us it stops there. My husband is pure logic and I’m pure emotion but it works. Many times we have to agree to disagree. This year is the first time in 30 years we did not vote for the same candidate so age has nothing to do with staying in individual even when you’re half of a relationship. I’m 72 and Tomas is 77. With age we are still learning.

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  2. Very interesting article! I think the key trait married partners must have in common is a shared set of values – but not necessarily political values. My husband and I are on polar opposites of the political spectrum. We live and breathe politics but we respect eachother’s perspectives especially when they are well-researched and well-articulated. Politics has very little to do with successful marriages or other relationships! That comes down to mutual respect. Oh -and let’s keep it real – mutual physical attraction. Just celebrated 20 years! 🙂

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    1. interesting Maria, so you separate values and political values? My girlfriend and I are political opposites as well, which would be terrible if I was an argumentative and opinionated person because then I would probably start fights all the time. If I was opinionated though, then I would have to think twice about being with someone who didn’t think like I did. I think the reason most marriages tend to be those who think the same politically is because most people aren’t that open minded and respectful to differing opions. It seems like you and your husband are though:) Congrats on 20 years! that’s amazing:)


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