I Would Still Blog Every Day Even If No One Read It

I’ve been writing on my blog for awhile now. And on this blog, I like to talk about the best ideas from the books I read.

These are ideas that I think are worth talking about because these are ideas that have drastically improved my life.

And since I’ve started writing on my blog, I’ve made it a goal to discipline myself to try to write one new post about one of these ideas a day.

By pushing myself to write a new blog post every day, this has forced me to always be seeking out new ideas, which is something I wouldn’t have otherwise done if I hadn’t made the decision to write.

As a writer, if you’re focused on creating a thoughtful post everyday about an idea that you think can help benefit someone else’s life, then everyday, you will start noticing those new ideas everywhere. You’ll even start seeking out those new ideas.

As a result, you couldn’t help but get better at whatever it is you are seeking to do.

This is why I would still blog even if no one read it.

But if, as a by-product, people like what I have to say, then it’s a win-win for everyone.

If, however, no one read this post, then I would be completely okay with that.


26 thoughts on “I Would Still Blog Every Day Even If No One Read It

  1. Hey Vincent! I’M reading your post. Haha!

    This is so true. Blogging started out as a journal for me before, but when I felt the community here… It became more of a journey with others. I write as an outlet for myself, to organize my ideas, and encourage others in the process.

    It’s good to know someone reads your content, but writing in itself is a way to help release my thoughts and emotions. So it’ll never stop.

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    1. I know what you mean Liz, writing can feel almost therapeutic. For the reasons you said you write on your own blog, is why I think everyone should have a blog even if they don’t put their name on it or if no one reads it. I’m glad you liked it Liz, thank you for the comment:)

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    1. that’s great, I wish I could do that:) I’m too curious though to not look at the numbers, but that doesn’t mean I care about the numbers if that makes sense. I agree with your last line that blogging is equally as much about writing for yourself as it is writing and connecting with others. Most people just do one or the other I feel.

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  2. Well I’m reading so that’s gotta count for something! Great post though, it can get a little discouraging when your posts don’t do as well as you’d like them to, but as you said, when we wrote for ourselves, we grow not just as writers, but as people, and consequently, new ideas and perspectives will come to us every day. And if someone happens to stumble onto one of our posts, then that’s a bonus!

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    1. Different people have different goals with their writing. If you actually want to one day be a writer for example then you should care about things like how many people read your post for the day. It’s okay to feel discouraged if a post did poorly. The idea though is that even if no one read it, you would still continue to write regardless because it’s what you love to do and would do so even if no one paid you. I feel a lot of writers don’t really love writing enough to do it if they saw no results. Thanks for the comment Jake:)

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      1. That’s very true, everyone does have a different goal for their writing. I also agree that some people don’t have a true passion for it, so at the first setback (or the dreaded writer’s block) they’re prone to stop altogether. After all, if you don’t love what you’re doing, why keep doing it? Writing is something that requires commitment and passion to excel in. So I’m with you, I’d continue writing even if no one ever stopped by to read!

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  3. I completely agree. I write for me first and everyone else second. If anything I write just gives one person a feeling of not being alone or a shared experience that touches them too, then I most grateful for the read, view, comment or follow.

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    1. passion is definitely a must! There are a lot of people out there who say they love writing, but who wouldn’t actually continue to write if no one continued to read their posts. That passion is important to have though. Thank you Sarah:) I will surely try:)

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  4. remember that many of us are too lazy or sidetracked and don’t post a reply to a post but we read and enjoy sharing your thoughts, comments and recommendations.. Well done!

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  5. Vincent, love this. So inspiring and great title. Do blog with passion even if no-one reads, improves us writer, we learn more, and may be we benefit others. Really this post spoke to me. Improve our craft and ourself.. and along the way ..

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  6. thank you carlos, for this. because this gave me the motivation to start writing every day again. i am not doing it already because, guess what, i was afraid for not having what to talk about every day. but, as you said, when we set that kind of goal, we begin to see ideas everywhere. it happened to me when i wrote some days in a row, without even trying. ideas came up from dreams, reading, conversations and many other activities. so, once again, thank you. ❤

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    1. thank you so much! I’m glad I could help:) If you ever get low on ideas again, I recommend you read more, whether it’s a book or an article. Stephen King once said, “If you want to be a writer, you have to do 2 things: you have to write a lot and you have to read a lot.” It’s very easy to stop having new ideas when you’re not taking in new ideas. Videos work well too. thank you for the nice comment, I appreciated it:)

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  7. I started out blogging very recently and am really liking the whole process of pinning my thoughts down instead of allowing them to float around in my brain. Can understand perfectly what you mean. Lovely post.

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