Here’s A Few Things To Share With You For The Weekend

Here’s a few things that I want to share with you:

1) “If I disappeared tomorrow, would anybody miss me?” is an important question that we all have to ask ourselves. This doesn’t mean will your family and loved ones miss you because of course they would.

This question is asking, if you stopped doing what you do for a living, would you be missed?

Do you create work that is just so great that people would actually be sad if you left?

Most people wouldn’t be missed. So, the question is, who would miss you? (This is a post I had written a while back.)

2) This is the first slam poetry to teach me that feminism is supporting a woman’s right to be sexual AND modest. It’s a video explaining why women can literally do whatever they want with their body.

3) This is a video of Cristiano Ronaldo supporting a fan who is trying to speak Portuguese despite a crowd laughing at him for his accent. Ronaldo shows how to properly react to people speaking in a second language.

4) And if you don’t know, I recently wrote an eBook on How To Build An Audience As A Writer. (It’s free if you want to read it)


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