Systems Vs. Goals

In the book “The End Of Dieting,” Dr. Joel Fuhrman says something really interesting.

He says,

“We’ve been sold a false bill of goods. Diets don’t work, and they’re terrible for our health. Every diet is doomed to fail – whether it’s counting calories or measuring portions or playing around with the ratio of fat, carbohydrates, and protein on your plate. Even if you do lose some weight, it usually returns within two years – and then some. In fact, the number of people who successfully lose weight through dieting and keep it off for the rest of their lives is fewer than two out of one hundred… That’s less than 2 percent. That means that more than 98 percent of people who lose weight gain it back, which is often unhealthier than not losing it at all.”

Think about that for a sec: 98% of people who lose weight eventually gain it back.

Why? Because in order to create long lasting success, it’s not enough to just be able to discipline yourself for short amounts of time.

Instead, you have to learn how to form habits that eventually become a part of your daily routine.

Without those good habits, you’ll never be able to continue something long term.

This is why building habits into your life is what’s important when it comes to creating a successful life.

It’s like Darren Hardy says,

“Systems vs. Goals: Losing 10 pounds is a goal. Learning to eat right is a system. And systems always trump goals.”


5 thoughts on “Systems Vs. Goals

  1. I agree Vincent. Our habits greatly impact our life because it’s these things that we do everyday that influence what we have become. If we want something good to remain, it has to be maintained! Nice post! 😊

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  2. the same thing applies to those who quit or want to stop smoking. You can’t just stop! You have to replace it with new habits that take time to establish. I guess that’s why hypnosis works for many, they have that new idea implanted in their mind and it’s long term.

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  3. i always believed in this. that’s why i prefer to be healthy, than to be thin. because being healthy means choosing every day to eat vegetables and fruit instead of processed fruits, to move more, instead of going to the gym for a couple of months. and who says diet says anything else. 🙂

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