The First Mover Advantage

A few months ago, when Pokémon Go was a relevant topic, I had written an article on LinkedIn about it that explained why it was going to be a very important app for marketers.

I did everything that a great article should be: It was beneficial, I used rich media, it was proper length, etc.

Yet, it was one of my worst performing articles.

Why? Because I had written it three to four weeks after it was a trending topic.

By that time, everyone else had already written about it, which meant that it was no longer novel to people. As a result, people ignored it. It was a “brown cow.”

The flip side of this story is that articles that were written in the first few days that Pokémon Go was trending, performed very well.

These were articles that weren’t that in depth or particularly well written. However, they were written first. They were novel, which meant people found them interesting.

In the book “Zero To One,” Peter Thiel calls this the first mover advantage. Thiel relates it to business, but it could also be applied to writing.

When it comes to life, business, or writing, remember that often times, it’s more advantageous to be first than it is to be better.


6 thoughts on “The First Mover Advantage

    1. I agree Anne, sadly this isn’t how it is though. This is why I say everyone needs to learn marketing. If you look at many writers, for example, you’ll notice that it’s not always the best writers who get their work noticed, but instead it’s those who are best able to build a unique brand. Writers that many would consider merely good have grown popular because of their ability to market to an audience who resonated with their ideas. Typically, it’s not always the better more talented person who gets rewarded, but the better marketer. This is true when it comes to writing, politics, and even social justice issues.

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  1. Timing. But the one thing about social media is sharing, rather resharing. It may have missed this time but if one was to try again later… who knows. I speak from experience i have reblogged or reshared on my various platforms and pieces that didnt fair first time do better second even 3rd.

    I make loads of mistakes blogging and on twitter and instagram..i forget to hashtag or just plain cant be bothered but when i bother ..well hashtags then work.

    I am the expert at blogging .. but for me timimg and try again with a piece just seem to work. For example sept 11 i didnt post anything special at all..but my blog stats went a bit mad in a good way.

    I concluded depends what a person is looking at the time.. which is the whole trending thing… but trends come around. I am rambling…does it even make sense does it

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    1. I understand what you’re saying Bella, and I agree. I’ve reposted articles on my blog before because they didn’t perform well initially and they performed much better the second time I posted them. Some topics like Pokémon Go though are timely. I wouldn’t be able to repost my Pokémon Go article today because it’s no longer relevant. In that situation, it’s better to be first than better.

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