Take 100% Responsibility For Your Life

Most people think that they take full responsibility of their life, but when you examine people’s behavior and you look at how people act, you see that this just isn’t true.

Instead, a lot of people tend to blame others for their circumstances and unhappiness.

Does this sound like you?

Most people would say “of course not,” but in the book “The Compound Effect,” Darren Hardy says,

“If you’ve ever blamed traffic for being late, or decided you are in a bad mood because of something your kid, spouse, or co-worker did, you’re not taking 100 percent personal responsibility.”

Unfortunately, this is how most people are. Instead of being proactive and taking charge of their life, most people are reactive and always blaming others for their problems.

Students everywhere, for example, are constantly waiting until the last minute to turn in their assignment only to find out that their printer isn’t working.

But do they take responsibility for turning in their assignment late? Of course not. Instead they blame their printer.

However, if they took 100% responsibility then maybe they would’ve finished the assignment the day before instead of procrastinating until the last minute.

This is the benefit of taking full responsibility.

When you learn to take 100% responsibility for everything that happens to you, you start to realize that you alone are in charge of what happens to you.

Not luck. Not past circumstances. And not unfortunate situations.

This is the common characteristic difference between successful individuals and unsuccessful individuals.


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