Avoid Extreme Ideologies

When it comes to any conversation about any controversial topic, you will always have three perspectives:

1) You have the thesis on one end.

2) You have the antithesis on the other.

3) And then you have the middle, also known as the synthesis, which is a blend of the thesis and antithesis.

Typically, when it comes to conversations about politics, love, or finance, it’s okay to be on one side of the argument or the other.

For example, is violence ever justified?

Well given the specific situation, it’s okay to say “yes, it is” or “no, it’s not.”

However, the answer is never “always yes” or “always no.”

This is the problem with people because no matter what the specific situation or topic is, you will get people who will always side with one side and never the other.

But as billionaire investor Charlie Munger says,

“Avoid extreme ideologies. They’re rarely ever right.”


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