80% Of Your Life Has To Be What Motivates You

80% of your life has to be centered around doing things that motivate you

This is important because without that motivation, you’ll get complacent, and you’ll always fall short on reaching your potential in life.

The problem with this, is that often times, most people have no idea what motivates them. As a result, they tend to procrastinate more than they should because they lack that motivation to move themselves forward.

If you don’t know what motivates you in life, then the easiest way to figure this out is to simply ask yourself, what do you envy about others?

If someone is a millionaire, owns a Lamborghini, and lives in a big house on the beach, for example, do you envy that person?

If not, then you’re probably not motivated by money and material things.

You can ask this question in relation to anything. If someone is very accomplished and considered to be an expert in their field, whether that’s writing, marketing, or business, do you envy that person?

If so, then you’re probably motivated by mastery.

There are a myriad of things that people may be motivated by.

However, once you know what motivates you, then you can always overcome the feeling of procrastination by focusing on that motivation and learning to put yourself in situations to feel that motivation.


13 thoughts on “80% Of Your Life Has To Be What Motivates You

  1. I know some people who feel envious about others who have abs, money to shop ’til they drop, good friends.. but they don’t do something about it. They just feel the emotion, and keep being complacent.

    How do we motivate these kind of people?

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  2. many many people are motivated by poverty, fear for their families and just existing from one day to the next. I remember to this day what it felt like to have the power and water turned off and having no money and box’s of macaroni and cheese that we could buy 5 box’s for $1. to feed myself and 4 children. I remember working 2 jobs to be sure it didn’t happen again and now 40 years later when all is well and no financial worries how those memories contribute to my need to support places that helps others who have lost everything plus hope. Nothing in life is wasted unless you choose to waste it and being motivated can be a catalyst for good..

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  3. Agree.. sometimes i thing it mote like 100. For me it can be 80% cause my mum does the rest..or may be mum does more of the motivation.. lol. But sometimes you have to be the 100 driver because you may be doing something no one has a clue about in your current circle

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      1. making mistakes is inevitable, but the key is to limit the actual amount of mistakes you make. You don’t have to learn everything the hard way through trial and error. It’s like billionaire investor Warren Buffett says, “People learn from mistakes, but it doesn’t have to be their mistakes.” This is what I meant by not having to do everything the hard way. You can still master something without failing constantly.

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      2. oh, i agree with that. and it’s great to learn with others. i meant that mastery is the hard way because it’s easy to make money and buy all that expensive stuff, but not so easy to grow into a better person.

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