The Best Teacher I Never Had

12 months ago, I had come across a keynote speech given by Gary Vaynerchuk, who is an entrepreneur, marketer, and best selling author of 4 books.

And his style of speaking was so interesting and authentic that I’ve followed him ever since.

Shortly after that, I decided to purchase one of his books: “Crush It.”

This book is what taught me why it was important to have a digital presence and why I needed to build a brand. This book is the reason why I started writing.

Unfortunately, I’ve never met Gary before. And yet, I consider him to be one of the biggest mentors/teachers in my life because he’s taught me everything I know about writing, branding, and marketing.

Thanks to the videos that he releases every day, and to the books and articles that he always writes, I’m constantly learning how Gary thinks about things.

Gary’s practical advice and life lessons have allowed me to move faster toward my goals by cutting my learning curve.

This is the importance of having a mentor, who is someone that is 20 years ahead of you and who can show you what to do.

The problem is that mentors are very hard to find. Either they simply don’t want to mentor you, or they’re too busy, which is a shame because we all need good mentors in our lives.

Although having the actual presence of a mentor is great, you can still learn from those you respect and admire through their books and online content.

Remember, that no one in life succeeds alone. No one is self made. Everyone in the world who is a success has had the help of a mentor.

So thank you Gary for being such a great mentor and the best teacher I never had.


8 thoughts on “The Best Teacher I Never Had

      1. i found him on youtube, or vine. i dont remember. i just know that he was so honest and gave so valuable content (unlike the majority of people in his field) that i couldn’t stop listening to him!


  1. I feel for me at least i need several mentors for different aspects of life.. and with in that i switch up between mentors in a particular area. May be i get bored, i definately need variety..and they may say the same thing but i need to hear it in a different way. Make sense? Wishing u a merry xmas and new year incase we dont speak

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    1. that’s true, we all need many mentors to help us in all aspects. We need mentors in health, finance, friendships and relationships, and happiness.

      Merry Christmas Bella! And a happy new year to you as well:) Have a great holidays:)

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  2. Having a mentor gives one a sense of security. I am glad you found yours. 🙂
    And as you mentioned, the teachings can be found anywhere in today’s scenerio. No physical presence is required.


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