Don’t Choose A Niche, Choose A Worldview

Imagine you’ve built an audience of 1,000 people who are interested in reading what you have to say.

If you accomplish that, that’s great. But what if in a year from now, you get tired of talking about whatever it is you’ve been talking about?

For this reason, people constantly worry about choosing a niche to talk about because what happens when you want to talk about something else?

If you choose to do this, what happens if all 1,000 of those people stop reading your stuff?

Unfortunately, this happens to a lot of people every day.

Because of this, you need to act in accordance with a worldview.

This is something that Jeff Goins, who is a popular blogger and writer, says you must do if you want to be a successful writer.

Goins says,

“Every great writer writes with a worldview.”

So what’s a worldview then? Simply put, a worldview is a belief that you have about the world and the people in it.

Whenever I write a post, my worldview is that everyone in the world should read books that improve their lives.

Writing with this worldview allows me to talk about a myriad of topics, such as health, love, money, personal branding, marketing, happiness, writing, business, entrepreneurship, etc.

Because I write with a worldview, I can talk about any topic I want.

This is why Seth Godin is so popular no matter what he talks about.

Seth Godin started out talking about marketing. Then he transitioned into talking about education. And now, he talks more about politics.

No matter what Seth chooses to talk about, people always listen.

Why? Because Seth writes with a worldview.

Seth Godin writes with the worldview that certain systems are broken and that they need to be fixed.

Because of this, no matter what the subject is, people will always listen to Seth because it resonates with their worldview.

Naturally, people get bored. People evolve. And people move on. So in order to be great enough at something to build an audience who will follow you anywhere, you need to act with a worldview.


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