Launch 365 Experiments

As you pursue your goals, you will never know what’s going to succeed and what will fail.

Because of this, you constantly have to be experimenting with new things in order to find out what works.

Earlier this year, for example, I wrote an eBook. That experiment failed. Then I wrote a slightly different eBook. That experiment worked.

I wrote on Medium for a while. That failed. Then I started writing on LinkedIn. That worked.

The trick to having a successful life is to just launch 365 experiments in a year. You never know which one will succeed and which one won’t, but it’s usually not the one you expected.

Don’t wait around until you figure out what you should do. Instead, just start experimenting and learn as you go.


6 thoughts on “Launch 365 Experiments

  1. Agree…totally agree. We have to try and learn from out come and change. Nice to see you posting on sat and sundays…

    I am on another experiment of posting less as i need space for other areas of my life. I am trying to advance post whuch is something i tried several times but never succeed at..but trying again.. back on to sharing on fb been on and off facebook definately getting more view by fb. I got slack on twitter thou. Agree with post and thanks for sharing

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  2. Hi Vincent,

    I don’t know much about you at all. I don’t know what you look like or where you’re from. But today I know that you’ve inspired me. I have only read 3 of your posts, the first from LinkedIn, the other two on here. This short style of writing, the zest of your words, and the message that comes across tells me so much more about you as a person – as a human.

    Thank you for being a fire starter in my life – I don’t find them so often, so for your writing, I am grateful.



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